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スペクトラムファイル 01 北上伸江



推薦者:金澤 韻(かなざわ こだま)


アーティスト:北上 伸江(きたかみ のぶえ)
大阪芸術大学で映画を専攻した後、メディアアートを専門とする IAMAS で学ぶ。ロトスコープアニメーションを中心とした映像インスタレーションを主な表現手段としている。2011年文化庁メディア芸術祭京都展優秀賞受賞。2012年には中村勇吾氏が手がける「FRAMED」に参加。主な展覧会に、「セカイがハンテンし、テイク」(2013年、川崎市市民ミュージアム)、「アート・オブ・メモリー」(2015年、北九州市立美術館)など。

金澤 韻(かなざわ こだま)
インディペンデント・キュレーター。熊本市現代美術館等での勤務を経て、2013 年に独立。現在ロンドン、RCAで現代美術のキュレーティングを学びながら、グローバリゼーションの時代における美術と表現についてリサーチし、展覧会企画に携わる。代表的な仕事に「横山裕一 ネオ漫画の全記録:わたしは時間を描いている」(2010年、川崎市市民ミュージアム)、「Chu Enoki: Enoki Chu」(2015年、White Rainbow、ロンドン)、「Whose Game Is It?」(2015年、RCA、ロンドン)など。2015年、スパイラルガーデンで開催する「スペクトラム展(仮)」コキュレーター。

Nominator Text

What I think of as a “spectrum” exists inside the phenomenon of globalization. For example, the Internet has shrunk the distances between things in the world. Recording media have developed and proliferated, making the concept of the timeline ambiguous. What was far is now close; what was in the past is now in the present. This tangle of time and space makes all manner of things consecutive.

Nobue Kitakami is an artist who shows us this tangle. As if to revert the history of optical recording from painting to photography and video, she works laboriously, almost ascetically, by hand, turning video signals into animations that are like series of pictures. While vivid and striking, Kitakami’s work is also somehow nostalgic, since, via an inorganic medium, it is extracting personal memories carved into the mind.

Artist: Nobue Kitakami
After majoring in film at Osaka University of Arts, she specialized in media art at the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS). She works mainly with video installations employing the animation technique rotoscoping. She won the Excellence Prize at the Japan Media Arts Festival Kyoto exhibition in 2011. In 2012, she took part in Yugo Nakamura’s “FRAMED” project. Her major exhibitions include “Being-in-the-Wired-World” (Kawasaki City Museum, 2013) and “Art of Memory” (Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art, 2015).

Nominator: Kodama Kanazawa
Independent curator. After working at Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto and elsewhere, she went freelance in 2013. She is currently reading for an MA in Curating Contemporary Art at the Royal College of Art (RCA), London, while researching into art and expression in the globalized age. Her major exhibitions include “Yuichi Yokoyama – Complete Records of Neo Manga: I am depicting time” (Kawasaki City Museum, 2010), “Chu Enoki: Enoki Chu” (White Rainbow, London, 2015) and “Whose Game Is It?” (RCA, 2015). She is also the co-curator of the special exhibition “Spectrum” (tentative title) at Spiral Garden in September 2015.