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スペクトラムファイル 02 東京大学山中研究室

推薦者:松田 朋春(スパイラル チーフプランナー)

期間:4.24― 5.4

「生活とアートの融合」を事業コンセプトとして30年、スパイラルはアートを巡って様々な掛け算を試してきた。今は、生活とアートが別のものではなく、ひとつながりの連続体の、 それぞれの位相というイメージを持っている。
生活とアートばかりではない、男と女、生と死、ヒトとそれ以外、人種、文化、社会。境界は常に曖昧だ。そして、他方がなければこちらもない、という対照的な相互依存関係がある。 根は同じだとしても、別れて現れたことには意味があるだろう。
2020年には東京でオリンピック・パラリンピックが開催される。パラリンピアンの記録が、オリンピアンの記録を凌駕しはじめる大会になると予測する声がある。技術とデザインの 進展は、健常/障害という境界をいっそう曖昧にしていく。

アーティスト:山中俊治(やまなか しゅんじ)
デザインエンジニア/東京大学生産技術研究所教授 1957年愛媛県生まれ。1982年東京大学工学部卒業後、日産自動車デザインセンター勤務。1987年フリーのデザイナーとして独立。1994年リーディング・エッジ・デザインを設立。2008~12年慶應義塾大学教授。2013年より現職。腕時計、カメラ、乗用車、家電、家具など携わった工 業製品は多岐にわたり、グッドデザイン金賞、ニューヨーク近代美術館永久所蔵品選定など授賞多数。近年は「美しい義足」や「生き物っぽいロボット」など、人とものの新しい関係を研究している。

Nominator Text
For 30 years, Spiral has experimented with a diverse range of projects based on the concept of fusing lifestyle and art. These are not two separate things; they are a single continuum possessing images of their respective phases.

And not only lifestyle and art, boundaries are extremely ambiguous elsewhere too: between men and women, life and death, people and beyond, race, culture, and society. They have comparative, interdependent relationships, where one cannot exist without the other. It is surely significant that they appear separate, though the root is the same.

In 2020, Tokyo will host the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Some are predicting that Paralympian records may even surpass the Olympians in some tournaments. The development of technology and design are making the boundaries between the able-bodied and the disabled more ambiguous. A prosthetic limb can give us beautiful personality and make humanity stronger.

Nominator: Tomoharu Matsuda (Chief Planner, Spiral/Wacoal Art Center)
Tomoharu Matsuda works as an art producer involved with regional development, tourism, product development, and advertising. In 2014, he produced Dōgo Onsenart in Ehime Prefecture. His writings include “Techniques in Designing Workshop Chance” and “Exterminating My Dog.” He is the head of tenkei project and a manager for the design label oblaat, as well as President of Good Idea Inc., and a Jury member for the Good Design Awards.

Artist: Shunji Yamanaka
Born in Ehime Prefecture in 1957, Shunji Yamanaka is a design engineer and lecturer at the Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo. He graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tokyo in 1982 and started working at Nissan Motors Design Center. He became a freelance designer in 1987. He founded Leading Edge Design in 1994. From 2008 to 2012 he taught at Keio University. He joined the Institute of Industrial Science in 2013. His wide-ranging industrial design output, including watches, cameras, cars, household appliances, and furniture, has won many prizes, such as Gold at the Good Design Awards. His work has also been selected for the collection of MoMA in New York. Recently, he has been engaged with new research into “beautiful” prosthetic limbs and robots that resemble living creatures.