August 4th—August 28th(Spiral closed from August 15th to 17th)
Spiral Entrance, MINA-TO, Spiral Café, Spiral Hall

left:TOLTA, middle: Stillllive, right above: Sekigawa Kouhei, right bottom: the monster Dada

2016 marks a century since the Dada movement first burst onto the European art world. Since then, society and ideas have changed unrecognizably due to rapid globalization and technology. And yet, we can see trends in contemporary art that recall the pioneering work of the Dadaists.

Inspired by the name of the cabaret where the movement originally started, “Gallery Voltaire” is a series of exhibitions and performances as well as a pop-up store that reconsiders the 100-year-old experiments of Dada, which continue to resonate today.
Exhibition: «Not Dada, not not Dada»

Inspired by the Dada Manifesto, visitors can rearrange words on building blocks to create a positive «spell» with dynamic messages for contemporary society.
August 4th–14th, 2016
Venue: Spiral Entrance (Spiral1F)
Open everyday / Admission free

Performance: «Spectrum Dada Night»
This program is fully booked.
This performance is based on the experiments of Dadaists 100 years ago such as Hugo Ball. It is a provocative yet exciting night of poetry, music and video.
Artists: TOLTA (Satoko Kono, Satoshi Sashida, Fumiko Sekiguchi, Ryouta Yamada), Naha Kanie (poet), Joh Tachibana(poet), Midori Kubota(music)
August 6th, 2016 / 20:15–21:30
Venue: Spiral Café (Spiral1F)
Admission: 1 food or drink
▶TEL. Spiral Café (Japanese only): 03−3498−5791 (11:00–23:00)
▶E-mail dada@spiral.co.jp (include number of people, name, contact details)

This interdisciplinary art group produced publications, installations and performances in its pursuit of the diverse possibilities of language. Its output includes poetry, a performance created with actors and a homemade robot, and a tour performance an an art museum.
2// Stillllive with Nigel Rolfe
Performance: «Emotion in Motion»
※Booking Required
This performance and talk with the artists examines the meaning of performance for today’s world.
August 7th, 2016 / 16:00–18:00 (Doors open: 15:30)
Venue: Spiral Hall (Spiral 3F)
Admission: Adult ¥1,500 / Student ¥1,000
▶E-mail: dada@spiral.co.jp (include number of people, name, contact details)
▶Ticket counter: MINA-TO (Spiral 1F/ 11:00-20:00)
Stillllive with Nigel Rolfe
This performance collective comprises five artists (Hollie Miller, Sandra Stanionyte, Yuki Kobayashi, Saskia Vranken, Paula Fitzsimons) studying under Nigel Rolfe, a practitioner and professor at London’s Royal College of Art. The group appears in Japan for the first time as part of a tour around Europe.
3// Kohei Sekigawa
Performance: “One-minute Events / Spiral Entrance 5-6-23, Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo / August 18th - 28th, 2016”

A series of performanced each lasting a minutes, exploring information and communication.
August 18th–28th, 2016 / 11:00–20:00
Venue: Spiral Entrance (Spiral1F)
Performance everyday / Admission free
Visit the Spiral website (http://www.spiral.co.jp/sekigawa/) for information about the performance and the schedule.
Sekigawa Kouhei
Born in 1990. Works with performance, installation and other media to explore the meaning of communicating via a work of art.
Books, artworks and posters themed around Dada will be on sale at MINA-TO, on the ground floor of Spiral.
August 4th–14th, August 18th–28th / 11:00–20:00
Venue: MINA-TO (Spiral 1F)

August 4th - 28th (Spiral closed from August 15th to 17th)
Venue: Spiral (5-6-23 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
URL:DADA100 official website http://dada100.jp
   Spiral «GALLERY VOLTAIRE» website http://spiral.co.jp/dada
Inquiries: 03-3498-1171 (Spiral) / dada@spiral.co.jp
Organized by Wacoal Art Center
Produced by Spiral
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