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Natsumi Hayashi “Today’s Levitation” supported by une nana cool

Period|March 26(Tue.)-March 31(Sun.)
Venue|Spiral Garden(Spiral1F)

 We are pleased to announce the exhibition of Natsumi Hayashi, one of the emerging artists who is getting a lot of attention for her series of levitating self-portrait “Today’s Levitation”, at Spiral Garden in Aoyama, Tokyo.
 On New Year’s Day 2011, Hayashi launched a project on her blog, “yowayowa camera woman diary”, which features photos of herself floating in midair, published at a rate of one a day. These simple photos, taken at a particular location she visits that same day, captures the moment at which she jumps up into the air. The resulting images, however, seem to depict some supernatural phenomenon that defies the laws of gravity.

 In addition to her blog, she is also a user of Twitter and Facebook. The main platform for her project is the Internet. Just a few months after the launch of her project, Hayashi sparked a worldwide craze for levitation photos, producing an entire string of imitators who took photos of themselves levitating.

  For the first time in Japan, this exhibition showcases a representative selection of Hayashi’s work,
with a particular focus on several new pieces measuring 6x9m. In addition to being her first large-scale solo exhibition, this boldly configured space will offer visitors an engaging, fully immersive experience of “Today’s Levitation”.

Period|March 26(Tue.)-March 31(Sun.)11:00 - 20:00  
Venue|Spiral Garden(Spiral1F) 5-6-23, Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Organizer|Natsumi Hayashi “Today’s Levitation” Executive Committee
Sponsoring|Unenana Cool Corp.
Production supported by|EPSON SALES JAPAN CORPORATION, Aflo Atelier (Aflo Co., Ltd.)
Curated by|Spiral/Wacoal Art Center
Curatorial support by|MEM, NANJO and ASSOCIATES

Natsumi Hayashi Profile
1982  Born in Saitama, Japan
2005  Graduated from College of Arts at Saint Paul’s University, Tokyo
2007  Finish Graduated school of Community and Human Services at Saint Paul’s university, Tokyo
2012  Solo show at Gallery MEM
     Published her first photo book “Today’s Levitation” from Seigensha art publishing

Updating a self portrait diary project called “Today’s Levitation”on her website. http://yowayowacamera.com/

This exhibition was made possible with the support of une nana cool, a lingerie and underwear brand that empathized with Hayashi’s work. All une nana cool boutiques throughout Japan will introduce visitors to Hayashi’s “Today’s Levitation” in a bid to communicate the brand’s message.  

About une nana cool >>>
une nana cool is a fresh, cool range of lingerie and undergarments for girls who want underwear that is as fashion-forward as their regular garments. We take pride in making lingerie items that are simple but crafted with Wacoal’s trademark precision, available at affordable prices that make everyone happy.

une nana cool POP UP SHOP >>>
In conjunction with the exhibition, there will also be a une nana cool POP UP SHOP at the entrance of Spiral, offering a selection of new spring and summer items, exhibition merchandise, applique accessories, and postcards.
March 26(Tue)- 31(Sun)11:00 - 20:00

Limited edition of “Today’s Levitation” goods (applique accessories and postcards) will be on sale at 42 stores throughout Japan from the beginning of March onwards.
Also three different shopping bags featuring Hayashi’s various works of “Today’s Levitation” will be
available at the store.

The main stores will also be exhibiting her works of “Today’s Levitation” in sequence.
March 26 – May 6 (tentative)
:Kichijoji store, Shibuya PARCO store, Shimo-Kitazawa store, Jiyugaoka Store
April 19 – May 26 (tentative)
:Sannomiya store, Namba store, Fujii Daimaru store