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SPIRAL is a multi-purpose cultural center which opened in October 1985, in Minami-Aoyama as the focus for cultural programs of the Wacoal Corporation. It is mainly composed of a gallery, and a multi-purpose hall. Other services include a restaurant bar, an everyday life accessories shop, and a beauty salon. It extends from the 2nd floor underground to the 9th floor. The building was designed by Fumihiko Maki, an internationally known architect and leading example of Japanese post-modern architecture during the 1980s.

SPIRAL's central concept is "fusion of art and everyday life." Since its opening it has hosted a variety of events, including contemporary art and design exhibitions, dance and theatre performances, concerts, fashion shows, symposiums, parties and art events merging different artistic genres. Over the years, SPIRAL has sought out and acquired a network of established artists and art groups to continue its activity as a comprehensive artistic producer with a distinctive approach to art not only at SPIRAL, but beyond.

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About Architecture
The SPIRAL building is internationally known as one of the buildings representing post-modern construction.
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