Enjoy Art & Table

date: July 20 - August 2, 2016
Venue: Spiral Garden

Meals are a special time of gathering and laughter. In addition to unique works by six groups of artists with diverse perspectives on food and dining, Spiral presents artist workshops and a sale of books, magazines, and catalogues on eating. Head to Spiral Café for a special menu and let the food, drink, and conversation flow!
EAT! “Enjoy Art and Table”

Date:20 July, 2016(Wed)- 2 August, 2016(Tue) 11:00-20:00
Venue:Spiral Garden(Spiral 1F)

Admission Free

Organisor :Wacoal Art Center
Contact 03-3498-1171(Spiral)

【Artists Profiles】
Alphabetical Order
Keigo Ogasawara

【Exhibitions and prizes】
Scholarship Winners Exhibition vol.5, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo
SICF15 Winners Exhibition, Spiral, Tokyo
Exhibition "what is the taste of this melon soda?" / Eastern Zushi old Kirigaya
TOKYO DESIGN WEEK 2015, Meijijingugaienmae

SICF15 Spiral Award
Chiyoda Arts Festival Scholarship Award, Tokyo

Osage is a unit formed by two artists Yoko Nakanishi and Sayuri Watanabe. They propose through their works casual objects, you can found in the everyday life and by changing their context of presentation make them a wonder.
Together they produce artworks, original products and graphic design production.
They have won the Audience Award at the 2013 SICF14.
Yuki Nagae

Born in Tokyo in 1976.
While studying sociology in Paris, Nagae has been impressed by a book called “Makuranosōshi” and since then has an interest for Japanese literature.
Back in Japan, Nagae studied classical Japanese literature at Keio University. In 2012, the artists first book is published "Monosabishinohana" (ed. Doyō bijutsusha). The same year Nagae won the 21st Poet and Thinker Newcomer Award.
Yuka Kurita

1990 Born in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan
2013 Graduate from Tohoku University of Art and Design, Department of Graphic Design
Currently lives and work in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
2013 Department Grand Prize, 2012 Tohoku University of Art and Design, Graduation show 
2013 “SICF14”Spiral Award, Spiral, Tokyo
   Grand Prize, "Liquitex Art Prize", Tokyo 
2014 "Fillet of salmon" exhibition, ART COCKTAIL, Osaka
2014 "Liquitex Art Prize Solo Exhibition of the winner: Yuka Kurita”
    The Art Complex Center of Tokyo, Tokyo
2015 Group Show “Two Truths” , Griffin Gallery, London
Takao Sakai

Graduated from the design department of Tokyo University of the Arts in 2007. His first works presenting sweet red beans as a motif where developed during his studies. The starting point of his artistic carrier is the exhibition held at Ota Fine Arts, in 2005. “Azurer”is a work in progress, a series of photographs counting more than 3000 red beans beard portraits and realized with the participation of entertainers, celebrities and models. This series has attracted the attention of the media and the art world and the fashion circles. His works are part of major collections such as the Takahashi Collection or the Gana Art Center (Korea).
Mokomeshi(Tomoko Ozawa)

Mokomeshi’s concept is “Design the eating situation”
It gather not only the food itself and its display but also the human act of eating, the time spend doing so and also the time after eating. Mokomeshi’s fun, delicious and visually attractive food designs are intending to remain in the heart.
Mokomeshi likes to surprise using seasonal ingredients with original spices.
Specialize in the organisation of catering for receptions and events, the design company develops restaurant menus and share its recipes through varous medium.
Published book "Sandwich for Adult" (ed. Graphicsha), " hospitality" (ed. Shufutoseikatsusha).

Image/ Katō shinsaku 『Mokomeshi Omotenashino fudangohan』 (ed. Shufu-To-Seikatsusha)
《 Spiral Café – Satellite Event 》
WORLD BEER TOUR Beer journey

A journey around 25 countries through 50 types of beers.
We offer a wide variety of beer, from the rare and original craft beers, to the old classic. If you fully fill the original stamp card made for the occasion before the end of the event, a beer will be offered to you.

Date:7 July (Thu) - 31 August (Wed) 17:00~23:00(L.O.22:30)
Prize:Beer from ¥770~(with tax)
Contact:SpiralCafe TEL:03-3498-5791
Red beans beard cutting edge fashion
“Azura” photo shooting

The shooting is completed in about three minutes.
Captured photos will be published at a later date on the web site of Azura.
You will receive a instant photograph print in commemoration of the event.

Venue: Spiral Garden (Spiral 1F) Esplanade
Dates: 24.7 (Sun), 30.7 (Sat), 31.7 (Sun) 13:00 to 20:00
The participation is free of charge.

「pop dot project」
Free distribution of apples

Receive from the artist a lifelike apple pottery and be part of the "pop dot project" by posting on twitter, Facebook or sending an e-mail of yourself with the apple. Your photo will be part of a special web collection. The apples will be distributed following the schedule above. Feel free to join us and be part of the project!

Venue: Spiral Garden (Spiral 1F) Esplanade
Dates: 23.7 (Sat) 14:00-16:00, 30.7(Sat)11:30-13:30
The participation is free of charge.