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images of Beauty

Date:2.12 ~11.12.2016
Venue:Spiral Garden(Spiral 1F)

Venue:Spiral Garden(Spiral 1F)
5-6-23, Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Date:2.12 ~11.12.2016
Time:11:00~20:00  Admission Free
Planner:Spiral/Wacoal Art Center
For more information:
Wacoal/Communication・Advertisement Section TEL:03-3239-1117
Section1  Feeling “Beauty” through Art 
Apprehending “Beauty”’s diversity through the works of female photographers.

Tomoko Sawada(Photographer)
Eiko Shimozono(Photographer)
Masako Nakagawa(Photographer)
Sakiko Nomura(Photographer)
Section 2 Interview with women active in various fields

  Anna Irite(Dancer・Choreographer)
  Ikuko Kato(Spiral Curator)
  Naoko Kawahara(Porcelain Panel Painter)
  Atsuko Kouri(Food planner)
  Sayuri Tsuneishi(Flower designer)
  Miyuki Tanigawa(Textile designer・Artist)
  Yukiko Chiba(Editor)
  Yuka Honda(Scientist)
  Miki Maeda(Total Beauty Adviser)
  Shoko Yamabuki(Jewelry designer )
  Chiaki Yoshikawa(Beautician・Organic specialist)
Section 3 Beauty’s Mini Library

The Wacoal Study Hall opened in October 2016 at Kyoto will present its collection of books around the theme of Beauty coming from all over the world.
The book director Haba Yoshitaka will present a selection of novels around women life style and hobbies.
Section 4 Participative Installation

The visitors will be invited to answer the question: “What is women’s Beauty for you?”, in order to contribute in completing the installation taking the form of a tree.

《Related events》“A place to talk about Beauty」”

※Saturday, December 3rd 14:30~15:30
  kisimari(Photographer), Kyoko Tanaka(Editor-in-chief of the magazine “Numéro TOKYO”)

※Sunday, December 4th 14:30~15:30
  Satoshi Inagaki(philosopher), Yuri Yamada(Playwright, actress)