Term1:July 3-23, Term2:July 24- August 13, 2017
Venue: MINA-TO, Spiral Café


Term1:July 3 (Mon) - 23 (Sun), 2017
Term2:July 24 (Mon) - August 13 (Sun), 2017
Open Everyday 11:00-20:00
(Spiral will be closed from August 14 to 16.)

Venue:MINA-TO(Spiral 1F)5-6-23, Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Contact:mina-to(at)spiral.co.jp (MINA-TO)


Term1(7/3-7/23):Yukiko Yanagida、Yukino Ohmura、OCHIAI DESIGN PROJECT
Term1&2(7/3-8/13):paper tunes、matsurica、HOO
Term2(7/24-8/13):Riusuke Fukahori 、Saki Sumida、Kentaro Kobuke、MONOPURI

Term2: 2017. 7. 24 - 8. 13 <Exhibitors>
Ryusuke Fukahori
"In 2000, when I tried to quit the artistic life, I was fascinated for the first time by one goldfish I kept in my room for seven years, after this experience I have paint "goldfish salvation" the first piece of this series."

※The works of Ryusuke Fukahori are available for pre-reservation. For more information please contact MINA-TO 03-3498-4015 (in Japanese only)
Image:for reference

saki sumida
Sumida’s paintings are an astonishing and heterogeneous combination of traditional Japanese-like motifs and motifs belonging to other cultures mixed together.
Image:《omatsuri (the festival)》(2014)、 803×1167mm, Oil on canvas
© the Artist, courtesy of Yuka Tsuruno Gallery

Kobuke’s paintings are images of quotes from myths and fairy tales to whom he gives life by using a unique technique. Indeed the artist draws directly on a board of natural wood with colored pencils. His symbolic style and the richness of the motif are reminiscent of the trans-avant-garde movement.
Image:《Blue rainbow》(2017)、841×595mm, Colored pencil on Sakura tree panel
© Kentaro Kobuke / Courtesy MAHO KUBOTA GALLERY

Unique creators using technology and their broad imagination to print on various surfaces and produce objects giving color to life.

■ PANAMA(Bag) ¥6,500 ~
■ Displaying(Table mat)¥3,900
■ Phoenix(Feather pen) ¥1,500

※All prices are without tax

Matsurica (Rie Furukawa)
Light and texture is the theme of these works made of glass. Pre-orders are accepted from July 24 at the venue.

■ Paper Weight ¥8,000
■ Pierce ¥5,300〜
■ Brooch ¥3,500〜
paper tunes

A music box to appreciate both through sound and view. This time, for “FUTURE STAR” workshops to learn how to create your original song will be held(more information about workshops below on that page).
■ Music Box Kit(Including a 5 cards kit) ¥3,686
■ Music Card "Sound of constellation"(Music box sold separately)¥500
Landscape and food design room HOO

Unit by Takaoka Tomomi and Nagamori Shigehino. Our concept is based on connecting distant landscape to us with a spoon. We create food from scenery, cultures and society, and install it in a special place、at a special time."

■ Land soup
Date: July 24 - August 13
Location: Spiral Cafe (Spiral 1F)
Availability: 15: 00-23: 00
Land Soup is a refreshing soup imagined for Spiral Café at the image of Omotesando. Taste the soup while thinking about the memory of the land.

■ Ocean Candy ¥500 ※Sold out
A candy representing seas of Tokyo, Helsinki and Alexandria.

Workshop Information
All workshops will be presented in Japanese

Create an aluminum ring of the color you like!
Duration:40mins Participation fee:¥2,500 ※ prior reservation required.
July 9th(Sun)12:00/14:00/15:30/17:00
July 14th(Fri)17:00/18:30
July 15th(Sat)11:30/14:00/15:00/16:30

■paper tunes “My constellation in music with paper tunes”

Make an original music box song simply using a drill punch.
※The presence of an adult is mandatory for preschool children and under.

Duration:45mins Participation fee:¥500(for the material)※ prior reservation required
July 8th(Sat)11:30/13:30/15:00
July 22nd(Sat)11:30/13:30/15:00
August 11th(Fri/NH)11:30/13:30/15:00

Reservation by e-mail (English ok):mina-to(at)spiral.co.jp (MINA-TO)

2017. 7. 3 - 7. 23 <Exhibitors>
Yukiko Yanagida

Yukiko YANAGIDA was born in 1981.
Yanagida’s consider her works as momentary events and memories that are constantly changing and that cannot be reached any more. She obtains colors through a chemical reaction on the titanium plate.

Image: "Aruhi no kioku" (Memory of that day), 2016, 280×380mm, Titanium
Yukino Ohmura

Yukino creates works that reproduce the night view of the city using seal.
Born in 1988, Jillin province, China. Based in Tokyo.
She has won the audience price at “Tokyo Midtown Award 2012”. She is now presented in the Art scene in Japan and abroad. She is collaborating with many celebrities from various field such as Kaera Kimura, the fashion brand “SISE”, and Keiichiro Hirano.

Image: "Beautiful Night Shinjuku" , 2014, 970×2606mm, Seal and Acrylic paint on panel

The new works of OCHIAI DESIGN PROJECT, lace piercings
made of aluminum, are presented for sale.
A workshop will also be held (see below for more information).

■ Pierce(one ear)¥3,700
■ Brooch ¥5,300
■ Ring ¥5,000