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Ascending Art Annual Vol.1‘Shapes and Figures’

−"Typicality"and My Imagination−

Dates : September 12(Tue) – 24(Sun) ,2017
Venue : Spiral Garden(Spiral1F)

With Ascending Art Annual, Spiral begins a new series of exhibitions to introduce and promote promising young female artists who respond to the unique of our building, embodying the spirit of a rising spiral.

The theme for this inaugural exhibit is ‘Shapes and Figures’. How do we react   when we face the unknown? What is it made from? How does it move? Where did it come from?
Sometimes we make judgments from something’s appearance before digging deeper to gain the full picture. Other times we are taken by the ‘seeming’ appearance or shape of something, basing our judgments on preconceived notions, giving little thought to the true essence of an object or the story behind it.

The works presented in this exhibition represent shapes and figures that we have seen somewhere before, and yet they possess unfamiliar movement or personality. The smooth, slippery and stretched-out figure of a sculpture; the unexpected movement given to common shapes like circles and squares; and photos that make us ponder the visual identity of an ethnic group – these are the ‘Shapes and Figures’ drawn from the minds and hearts of the five artists. Free-flowing imagination encourages communication with something unknown.

Art Works / Artist Profile
Chie Aoki
Haruka Aramaki
Saya Irie
Sajik Kim
Akane Saijo

Ascending Art Annual Vol.1‘Shapes and Figures’

Dates : September 12(Tue) – 24(Sun),2017 11:00-20:00 Open Every Day
Venue : Spiral Garden(Spiral1F)
      5-6-23,Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku,Tokyo
      Omotesando Station (Ginza-line, Chiyoda-line, Hanzomon-line)B1,B3 Exit
Inquiries : 03-3498-1171(Spiral)

Admission Free
Organized by Wacoal Art Center
Planned by Spiral