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utopia & chaos

Dates: February 26 - April 13, 2018
Venue: MINA-TO (Spiral 1F)

The word "utopia" means an ideal society that cannot exist in reality. While it sounds like a place where your dreams will come true, the presentation of one's ideal may highlight the facts in the real world and lead to the accusation against those. It seems as if the ideal world filled with beauty and imagination were expressed in the work introduced in this exhibition. However, if you carefully appreciate the objects and landscapes within those works, you will notice the existence of chaos hidden behind them. Erika KUSUMI creates a surrealistic world by digitally collaging landscapes and objects that she has photographed. Ayako KUNO embodies detailed images of metropolis Tokyo in her metal casting works. Shunsuke François NANJO depicts scenes in everyday life using thermochromism, a technique in which the artist uses substances that change color due to a change in temperature, and urges viewers to imagine what is hidden behind the scenes, where nothing seems to be happening. And the video works created by Sumito SAKAKIBARA represent utopia and dystopia that coexist in chaos.
We invite you to visit, discover and purchase a piece of the universe of this 4 young and talented artist.
Ayako Kuno

Ayako Kuno (1983- , Tokyo) uses lost-wax casting techniques to mold silver, brass and other metals into form. She combines those small pieces of metal together to create larger sculpture s in a way that seems to look upon the cities in which we live from various perspectives. The chaos of modern urban spaces tends to be looked on as negative, but cities themselves, with their continuous and insidious growth, can almost be seen as immense but silent, wriggling forms of life. For Ayako Kuno, who has spent her entire life living in Tokyo, that is simply part of the urban appeal.
She has recently won a number of awards at competitions aimed at young artists, and has been lauded for her delicate expressiveness achieved through the use of advanced techniques.

Erika Kusumi

Born in 1982, lives and work in Sapporo, Hokkaido.
A freelance photographer, web designer and artist, she has participated in many different exhibitions and has also held solo exhibitions of her own. She records the "reality" that she experiences and creates works of "digital collage" by composing multiple photos taken in different places at different times and processing them digitally. No materials are used other than the photos that she herself has taken.
<A word from the artist>
This work was created by reproducing and expanding the huge island and conurbation I have witnessed many times in my dream. The word "catharsis" means that "the emotions like sediment in your mind are unleashed and the spirit is purified". I have created this work on the basis of the imaginary landscape that may be visible in the ideal world where you are unleashed from time, space and any constraints.

Image:《The beach of the Cartharsis》
Shunsuke François NANJO

Born in 1981, in Tokyo. Currently living in Brussels, Belgium.
As an established solo artist, Shunsuke François Nanjo is interested in the notion of Utopia and by extension the idea of Heterotopia. He has already intervenes with site specific objects, in Tokyo at the No Man’s Land exhibition, in Multimedia Art Museum of Moscow in Russia, as well as in other galleries all over the world.

Image:《Le Van Blanc (The White Van)》

Born in 1980, in Hokkaido. Lives and works in Nagano prefecture .
Raised in Tokachi, Hokkaido. He went to England at the age of 15, then was dispatched from the Agency for Cultural Affairs to the Royal College of Art and graduated from the master course of the Animation department. In la Maison des Auteurs in the city of Angoulême in 2006, then in the Artistic Residence of Sai Comics in Korea in 2007, and currently in Nagano he engages in the creative activity.
<About the artist animated videos>
Composed with a bird's eye viewpoint, the works of Sumito Sakakibara, like a picture scroll to which the characteristics of the animation such as compressed time, repetition, and deformed motifs are skillfully applied, are telling us that human beings are beautiful but also stupid, laughable and cruel. The works also appear to give us the message that, although human behavior look separated at the surface, they are all connected under the water like an iceberg.



「utopia & chaos」

Dates:26th February - 13th March 2018
   11:00-20:00 Open everyday

Venue:MINA-TO(Spiral 1F)5-6-23, Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo