SICF22×Spiral Online Store -view-

2021.9.23 - 10.22


With the collaboration of the open-call art festival, SICF and Spiral Online Store, up-and-coming creators pieces are now available online, for sale!  Discover a selection of 5 creators, all past participants of the open-call art festival SICF, under the theme "view".

The work introduced this time present each artist's "view"and how they captured the world from a unique perspective and expresses it in color, light and shape.

Enrich your daily life with miscellaneous goods and items by a selection of talented artists and decorate your room with a new "window" giving you a different "view".

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SICF22×Spiral Online Store -view- 

Available at Spiral Online Store.
Date:23(thu) September - 21(thu) October 2021
Spiral Online Store (page in Japanese, shipment in Japan only)

*The contents of the event may change depending on the situation at the time of the event.
*Please check Spiral notification webpage for details regarding operating hours.


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