Monthly recommendation : Desserts

by Spiral Café

At Spiral Café, our chef has designed handmade desserts prepared with seasonal fruits. 
Enjoy it alone or as a drink or  lunch set. 

■ About

Date:From 8 (wed), September   11:00- Closure
Venue:Spiral Café(Spiral 1F)
・Autumn fruits sponge cake
・Tarte tatin
    Price (for 1 piece):¥890(including tax)
・ Chestnuts & espresso roll cake
・ Fromage blanc & Shine Muscat cheesecake
・Double chocolat
    Price (for 1 piece):¥690(including tax)

Choose any beverage from the DRINK MENU and get a ¥200 discount on your drink.

■LUNCH SET:For any dessert ordered with a lunch menu, get a ¥100 discount on your bill.
* The contents of the menu may vary. 
* Photos are just images. 

Autumn fruits sponge cake
¥890(including tax)
A sponge cake with figs, Pione grapes, Shine Muscat grapes, and pears.
Tarte Tatin
¥890(including tax)
The flavors of cinnamon and brandy enhance the deliciousness of apples of this tarte tatin. Served slightly warmed with vanilla ice cream.
Chestnuts & espresso roll cake
¥690(including tax)
A roll cake with espresso and local chestnuts cream.
Fromage blanc & Shine muscat rare cheesecake
¥690(including tax)
An unbaked cheesecake with plenty of Shine Muscat grapes combined with cheese.
Double Chocolat
¥690(including tax)
A chocolate cake with chocolate mousse, raspberry and chocolate ganache.
¥690(including tax)
"TIRAMISU" means "make me happy!"
A classic dessert with biscuits soaked in espresso and a cream with a soft mascarpone flavor.


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