1 (WED) - 3(FRI) May, 2019
©Cie Gilles Jobin


In Japan, Gilles Jobin is often remembered for his well-received work “Text to Speech” as presented at Spiral Hall (Tokyo) and YCAM (Yamaguchi) in 2008. The dance performance depicted the relationship that humans have with “information.” He is a world-renowned choreographer known both for his keen observation of the human body and his highly sophisticated dance technique.

Now on another world tour including venues in New York, Seoul, Shanghai and other cities, he will again come to Japan with his newest work VR_I, utilizing new technology. Come and experience an immersion into the unknown and enjoy an encounter that blurs the line between dancer and audience; the viewer and the viewee.

■ About VR_I

“VR_I” was produced in collaboration with Artanim, a non-profit organization specializing in motion-capture technology* . Five participants, each equipped with headsets and computers, are allowed to immerse themselves in a virtual space in which the dancers appear. They can move about freely in a space of eight-by-five meters and  engage in physical interaction with each other. This work was highly acclaimed at the 2017 Festival du Nouveau Cinéma held in Montreal, winning both the Innovation Award and Performances/Installations People’s Choice Award.

※motion-capture technology= the digitalization of real-time physical movement of persons and/or objects

©Cie Gilles Jobin


Choregraphy : Gilles Jobin

Dance : Susana Panadés Diaz, Victoria Chiu, Diya Naidu, Gilles Jobin, Tidiani N’Diaye

VR Platform & Immersive Technology : Artanim

Costumes & Virtual Set : Jean-Paul Lespagnard

3D music and sound design : Carla Scaletti / Symbolic Sound

Production Director : Camilo De Martino

3D Scans & Motion Capture : Artanim

3D Artist : Tristan Siodlak

3D Editor : Camilo De Martino

Technical Artist : Rémy Maetz

Assistant to the Choreographer : Susana Panadés Diaz

Technical Director : Hugo Cahn

Technicians on Tour : Hugo Cahn, Camilo De Martino/ Tristan Siodlak

Administration & Accounting : Gonzague Bochud

Communication & PR : Sophie Sallin

Production : Cie Gilles Jobin, Geneva – Switzerland

Coproduction : Arsenic

With the support of : 

City of Geneva,Canton of Geneva,Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council,Loterie Romande,Fondation Meyrinoise du Casino,Fonds mécénat SIG

Specific support credit for Tokyo date : TBC

■ Profiles
Gilles Jobin
Gilles Jobin bases his activities in Geneva, Switzerland; establishing his status as an influential choreographer soon after his first choreographic production “A+B=X” in 1997, his first performance in Japan being “Text to Speech,” presented at Spiral Hall in 2008.
Awarded the “Collide@CERN-Geneva Prize” by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in 2012, Jobin has performed “QUANTUM” at artist-in-residence locations worldwide; eventually producing over twenty works internationally.
In addition to forming his own dance troupe, he has also established Studios 44 as a venue for international exchange and learning to create opportunities to increase awareness of contemporary dance.
In 2015, Jobin was awarded the Swiss Grand Award for Dance for contributing to the development of contemporary dance.
Based in Geneva, Artanim is a non-profit organization specializing in motion-capture technologies, providing a variety of related services applicable for a broad range of projects.

■ Talk Event

Now spectators can do the dancing  in the technology-enhanced world of contemporary dance

Two choreographers representing Switzerland and Japan promise to unfold a stimulating dialogue as a bold challenge to the world stage as they delve into the source of their resepctive creations from the front lines of the art scene. The two are well known for interpreting contemporary dance as a manifestation of social phenomenon in which they incorporate the latest in technology and communication modes; going far beyond the established notion dictating that “the dancer dances while the spectator specatates.” 


Date: May 1st, 2019  6:00pm to 7:00pm

Venue: Spiral Garden (Spiral Garden 1F)

Speaker : Gilles Jobin, MIKIKO(choreographer)

Moderator:Kodama Kanazawa(Contemporary art curator)

Participation is free of charge but reservations are required. 

■ Speaker Profile
MIKIKO is a professional choreographer and heads her own dance company ELEVENPLAY while choreographing and directing for techno-pop unit Perfume and metal-dance unit BABYMETAL, in addition to a number of music videos, commercials, and stage performances. Based upon her success in helping Perfume and BABYMETAL gain notoriety on their world tour, ELEVENPLAY’s collaborative work with Rhizomatiks Research has garnered invitations from around the world, now widely recognized on the media art scene. Incorporating motion media that utilizes drone and robot arm technology, technology melds with human physical expression, presenting us with a world in which reality interacts with a virtuality. MIKIKO has collaborated with a wide variety of artists, transcending the boundaries of genre with technique that sublimates artistic expression.
Kodama Kanazawa
Contemporary art curator. After working for 12 years in public art museums in Japan, she began working independently in 2013. Kanazawa has curated over 50 exhibitions, both domestic and overseas, during her career. Recent curatorial projects include ‘CHILDHOOD: Another banana day for the dream-fish’ (Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2018), ‘ Yuko Mohri: Assume That There Is Friction and Resistance’ (Towada Art Center, Aomori, 2018), ‘Rafaël Rozendaal: GENEROSITY’ (Towada Art Center, Aomori, 2018) and ‘Spectrum’ (Spiral, Tokyo, 2015).

■ Related Exhibition


2016 – CH – 32′

Admission Free/Reservation is not required

The 3D movie Womb by Gilles Jobin will be screened everyday during the event.

Womb is a film in motion, an immersive cinematographic object. Designed and conceived for 3D technology the film deploys an immersive strategy. Three characters emerge from a womb to discover the volume of the world. Always moving forward, abstract analogy of the unfolding of life, they progress through a long sequence shot from one stage to the next. The luminous set created by Sylvie Fleury and the spatialised composition of Franz Treichler (leader of the internationaly acclaimed rock band The Young Gods) combine with the complex textures of Jean-Paul Lespagnard’s costumes and Gilles Jobin’s choreography to create an unusual dialogue in space. Performers and stage sets, stereoscopy and choreography, visual arts and music combine in an enhanced stereoscopic experience for the viewer.


©Cie Gilles Jobin

Womb Credits

Director Gilles Jobin
Music Franz Treichler
Stage set Sylvie Fleury
Costumes Jean-Paul Lespagnard
Director of Photography Patrick Tresch
Choreography Gilles Jobin
Susana Panadés Diaz
Gilles Jobin
Martin Roehrich
Assistant director Camilo De Martino
Production Compagnie Gilles Jobin

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■ General Information





Date         1 (WED), May, 2019   12:20—17:40

                  2 (THU), May, 2019   11:20—18:20

                  3 (FRI), May, 2019     11:20—18:20

                  ※︎Instruction: 10 min. + VR_I Experience: 15 min.

Venue      Spiral Garden(Spiral 1F)

                  5-6-23, Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Ticket      Pre-sale ¥1,000(tax included)

For more information :  +81(0)3-3498-1171(Spiral) 


Co-organized by The Embassy of Switzerland in Japan, Wacoal Art Center

Planned by Spiral

Graphic Design by Junya Maejima


◼︎ Time schedule

May 1st, 2019 



May 2nd, 2019 



May 3rd, 2019 



◼︎ Tickets 

Peatix     https://peatix.com    




【Important notifications】

・Participants must be over 8 years of age.

・Wheelchair users are welcome to participate. Please notify after purchasing ticket (03-3498-1171).

・We ask that persons with following conditions refrain from participating: Expecting mothers, persons with heart ailments and/or serious medical conditions, persons prone to motion sickness, inebriated  persons, persons experiencing discomfort.

・Participants must be present at least five minutes before scheduled starting time.

・Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded after purchase.

・Ticket holders will be admitted to Art Festival SICF20 (www.sicf.jp/) free of charge.



5-6-23 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062  MAP
Omote-sando Sta.(Ginza-line,Chiyoda-line,Hanzomon-line)B1/B3 Exit