The 3rd year of Reiwa, Earthen memories, Ornament exhibition 


Manna Yamamoto's new year's ornaments encapsulate the events that occured in 2021 and the world. After picking up the plants, Yamamoto model each ornament to create meaningful compositions. 

In this end of the year, we would like to invite you to choose a different decoration that what you usually purchase and to chose the ornaments that make the most echo to your feeling at the moment.

Normally, decorations such as Shimenawa (lengths of laid rice straw or hemp rope used for ritual purification in the Shinto cult) decorations are fired after the New Year. However Yamamoto's ornaments are designed, as a talisman, to be with you all year as you spend more time home.


"The 3rd year of Reiwa   Earthen memories  Ornament exhibition" 

Date:29(mon) November - 26(sun) December 2021
Venue:Spiral Market(Spiral 2F)
Operating hours:11:00-19:00(-11.30)11:00-20:00(12.1-)

During this event, Spiral Market also propose a POP UP show by Lithuanian brand "My cup tea" in the same area. 

*During the event, Spiral will take every measures to prevent the spread of infection in consideration of the safety and health of its customers and staff.
*The contents of the event may change depending on the situation at the time of the event.
*Please check Spiral notification webpage for details regarding operating hours.

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