Early summer colors - Sugahara's glass exhibition -


Since its founding in 1932, <Sugahara / Sghr> continues to produce through a hand-made glass manufacturing process.

In addition to a lineup of about 4,000 models, every year are released new works, created by the skills and sensibilities of craftsmen who know all about glass as a material.

In this exhibition, we will introduce a wide range of Sugahara's items, close to daily life, in a selection focusing on glass containers that will cool your summer dining table.

The "Sghr Recycle" series developped last year will also be on sale in limited quantities. 

In addition, during the time of the exhibition, we present a selection of Vietnamese original tea from "HATVALA" and <unithē>, a selection of teas from oolong tea to jasmine tea to pour in your Sugahara glasses and spend a nice and cool summer tea time.

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Early summer colors - Sugahara's glass exhibition - 
Date:14(mon).6 - 11(sun).7.2021
Venue:Spiral Market(Spiral 2F)

※ The contents and duration of the event may change without prior notification on this page. Please check the top page for the latest information.


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