Spiral Market's Christmas 2020


Discover “Spiral Market +S” new original winter items, defining the future of eternal design, in collaboration with makers and creators in Japan and abroad. Together with this lineup of new christmasy items, many events will be organized to brighten your winter season.  



Color this year Christmas with "IKKI KOBAYASHI + S" items created in collaboration with graphic designer Kazuki Kobayashi.
The GOOD DAY series was made wishing everyone to be “having a good day” while giving you an input on Kazuki Kobayashi's graphics. These card-shaped ornaments with iconic characters will definitely make you smile unintentionally.

・GOOD DAY STICKERS Animals/Stars ¥850 each
・GOOD DAY STICKERS Christmas(quantity limited) ¥850
・GOOD DAY TAGS Christmas(quantity limited) ¥1,000
・Wrapping Paper Arabesque(625×880mm) ¥600
・Wrapping Box Arabesque SS~L ¥800~1,800
・ORNAMENTS(+S Daily Ornaments Collection) ¥3,000

※ Prices do not include taxes

Items available at the following stores, at the schedule below :
Spiral Market:4 (wed) November 2020 ~
「+S」Spiral Market:6 (fri) November 2020 ~

"IKKI KOBAYASHI + S" graphics will also serve to Spiral Market free Christmas wrapping limited time event, the motif based on the nostalgic main visual "Christmas in the forest”, will be perfect to wrap the  seasonal gifts you bought at our store.

<Christmas Display>
Spiral Market:4 (wed) November ~ 25 (fri) December 2020

<Christmas Special Wrapping>
Spiral Market,「+S」Spiral Market:21 (sat) November 2020 ~

※ Due to the limited quantity, <Christmas Special Wrapping> will end as soon as the material runs out.
※ Spiral Online Store does not participate to this campaign.


<+S Daily Ornament Collection>

Ornaments symbolizes Christmas, in the cold and dark winter season, the word “ornament” itself  means "adding light”.  "+ S Daily Ornament Collection" is a selection of ornaments that will gently adds light to your everyday life while highlighting the unique expression of each creator. Regardless of the season, these ornaments where design to fit any time of the year. Enjoy it on you windowsill, your dining table, or in the corner of a room.


Kazuki Kobayashi(graphic), sorte glass(glass), SUJIAKI(woodworking), Chiharu Hagihara(ceramic),  misa(metalworking / jewelry )* in Japanese phonetical order


Items available at the following stores, at the schedule below :
Spiral Market:4 (wed) November 2020 ~
「+S」Spiral Market:6 (fri) November 2020 ~

※ Contents will differs depending on the store. Please contact us by phone for more information.
※ Some of the items are limited in quantity.


「+S piece exhibition」

An event that introduces, in a group exhibition, 5 creators involved in Spiral Market's original brand "+ S”, Daily Ornament Collection. we will introduce sorte glass, TSUJIAKI, Chiharu Hagihara and misa’s “+S” pieces along with their own works.

Date:4 (fri) ~ 17 (thu) December 2020
Venue:Spiral Market(Spiral 2F)

photo by Karin Hirokawa

<5octobre+S Birthstone Series>

The collaboration with French jewelry brand 5octobre has been giving 12 sorts of Birthstone Ring each with two types of natural stones . This time, 5octobre’s colored stones goes by pair, so you can choose your favorite color regardless of your birth. It is a jewelry that you will want to wear every day, no matter your scenario,  like a talisman.


Spiral Market,「+S」Spiral Market:scheduled for early December 2020
Details of the release and the schedule date will be announced on Spiral Market Instagram.



■Shop Information

Spiral Market(Spiral 2F)
Business hours:11:00-20:00

Business hours:10:00-20:00

「+S」Spiral Market MARUNOUCHI
Business hours:11:00-20:00


※ The contents are subject to change without notice during the exhibition period. Please check each store status on the shop TOP page before visiting.


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