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minä perhonen exhibition

This exhibition will allow visitors to experience the workings of minä perhonen and the story behind the fashion brand, through design starting point: textiles. 

When it comes to apparel and furniture, textiles are not only a material but also a part of the design process. Indeed, textiles express textures, colors, and graphics that will determine the overall project, and as such play a crucial role in the nature of the final piece.
In this exhibition, we invite our visitors to witness a glimpse of the world embedded in textile, to feel in the woven scenery, the wind blowing and the light shining. As the fabric become a door to the imagination, we hope it will create in everyone another angle to perceive experiences in the flow of the everyday. At minä perhonen, we believe that motifs are not merely colors and shapes that stimulate the eye, but rather that they are connected to our memories, and become the footprints of our lives, carving out another dimension of time, different from the real world.

Translation from an original text by Akira Minagawa (minä perhonen)

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minä perhonen
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feel to see
Date:7 (sat) November - 1 (tue) December 2020
11:00-20:00  *Admission until 19:20 (Open everyday)
Exhibition venue:Spiral Garden(Spiral 1F)
Admission free   Reservation (peatix)

Admission schedule

*Please use peatix for your reservation. You can also reserve your visit at each minä perhonen shop or at the reception desk, in the venue. If you would like to be sure to see it on your desired date and time, we recommend that you make a reservation in advance.

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Organized and plannned by minä perhonen
In collaboration with Spiral
Venue provided by Wacoal Art Center

Spacial Design by Mariko Abe  (aabbé)

Video・Sound・Technical direction by Yutaka Endo (LUFTZUG)
Construction by waki process
Programming support by Hiroaki Tashiro (DOTWORKS)

Motion graphics by Shingo Abe

For any inquiries during the exhibition: 
minä perhonen  080-3485-4956 (11:00-20:00)

■ CROSS TALK Hiroyuki Kobayashi (director, SPIRAL) × Akira Minagawa (designer/founder, minä perhonen)
Taken on September 24th, 2020 at CALL (Spiral 5F), video production:hironori+itabashi

A cross talk between Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Spiral director and Akira Minagawa, minä perhonen designer and founder, around the exhibition “feel to see” and past minä perhonen shows at Spiral such as “Ryushi-exhibition of minä’s works“ in 2002, ”In progress” in 2010, “minakakeru” in 2015. In this video, they gives an input on the creation of the exhibition “feel to see”, and on how they each feel about the current social situation caused by the pandemic.

◼ Exhibition store

|Online store

All exhibition related items will be on sale from November 5th (thu) at the Exhibition Special Online Store (in Japanese, shipping in Japan only ). Some of the items will also be sold in the exhibition venue. 

|Order made items

“minä perhonen+you”
Date:12 (thu) November ~ 1(tue) December
Venue:Spiral Hall Foyer(Spiral 3F)
*No tickets reservation required

Choose your favorite combination of textile for the Usagi cushion, laiva bag and pizza bag. The textile line up for this event will be available online from November 9th (mon)

■ minä perhonen

‘minä perhonen’ is a fashion and textile brand founded in 1995 by the designer Akira Minagawa to produce clothes which do not lose their allure through lapse of time. Our design process begins with sketches, which are made into story-telling textiles. Also, we aspire to develop new materials and techniques, collaborating with many production centers in Japan and abroad.
We create a dress not for a special day but for every ordinary day. The name of the label minä perhonen originates in Finnish as the designer Minagawa sympathized with Scandinavian culture when he first visited Finland at the age of 19. minä means ‘I’ and perhonen is ‘butterfly’ with a wish to make many beautiful designs like those of butterflies’ wings. The brand logo signifies various characters (dots) within oneself (rectangle). Just like species of butterflies are countless, the designs too continue to increase.

Akira Minagawa|designer / founder
Born in 1967, Tokyo. Founded ‘minä’ in 1995 (the name was changed to ‘minä perhonen’ in 2003). With the imaginative creative process and detailed drawings, he has designed numerous textiles for his own brand and the other manufactures such as Kvadrat of Denmark, KLIPPAN of Sweden.
His creation goes beyond fashion and also towards lifestyle, on which he sees a wide range of possibility to design. He offers illustrations for Asahi Shimbun Newspaper and the NIKKEI Newspaper, and some other picture books.


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