Kishio Suga "Gathered〈Intermediates〉"

2021.6.7 - 6.13
Scene of Latent Effects, 2020, wood, acrylic, h.182.0 x w.136.5 x d.28.5 cm ©Kishio Suga

KISHIO SUGA New works exhibition
Gathered <Intermediates>

Spiral Garden will hosts 18 works, comprising new workas, by Kishio Suga and one installation. On this occasion Suga presents work focusing on the fact that "things are impermanent and in a state of flux –the very process of which becomes the work itself".  "Gathered <Intermediate>" will be held, at the same time, at Tomio Koyama Gallery.

About Suga’s Works and his Production Process

As a premise for producing work, Suga first thoroughly re-examines the preconceived notions of things, and reaffirms what the essence and existence (reality) of things are. Arranging things commonly found within everyday life such as wood, stone, metal, glass, and rope, he proceeds to convey the profound existence of “things” through subtle acts of intervention of connecting, cutting, and bending.

Furthermore, considering sites such as wooden frames, boards placed on the floor, window frames, the entire room, the water’s surface, and external space as “frames” for the work, he arranges things in places that enable them to maximize their existence and effect. In this way, by expressing the continuity of the slight deviations of such things, their interdependence, differences, complexity, and so forth, the “things” in Suga’s work come to present scenes and situations that we have never seen or felt before, in an almost vivid and animated manner.

Another major feature of Suga’s practice is the means by which aspects that are not visible to the eye such as human consciousness and space are also considered in parallel, and as equivalent to “things”. Activating the relationship between “things” and “things”, “things” and “sites”, and “things” and “people”, he encourages people to perceive and engage with space in new ways.

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About the Exhibition “Gathered ” and his New Work – The Transience of Things, Gathered Processes

While there are fundamental ideas and thoughts that continue to permeate his artistic practice, Suga in general has explored different interests on the occasion of each exhibition with intentions of “not doing the same thing.”

Suga has written the following artist statement in correspondence to the exhibition:


“Gathered <Intermediates>” Kishio Suga

 “Things, for the most part, continue to be in a passage of time that is unrelated to human beings. It is therefore difficult for humans to easily understand its accumulation. No matter how much time is taken, it seems difficult to perceive the “process of being.” This is true both in terms of the length of time, and its very nature. Unwittingly, humans attempt to treat things offhandedly in the name of art. This is because humans, in order to create, believe that things are necessary as a means of expression. However, it should be noted that fundamentally things do not exist with intentions of being used in art.
In the sense of being “that which exists,” things and works are perhaps no different, yet in many instances the primitive existence of things is lost in the process of production. It means that the underlying quality of sorts that things inherently possess is no more. If such is the case, “things” essentially become “non-things,” and although having shape and form, lose their original sense of existence.
Works (things) are always comprised of things that are in the midst of something.”


Suga regards things as not remaining in a certain consistent state, but as something that is transient –moving and changing with the passage of time. In this exhibition he focuses on the way in which the culmination of processes experienced by such “things” serves to constitute the work.

■ About

Kishio Suga “Gathered <Intermediates>”

Date : 2021.6.7 (Mon) - 6.13 (Sun)   11:00 - 19:00 
Open everyday during exhibition Admission Free
Venue : Spiral Garden (Spiral 1F)
5-6-23 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062


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