Aiko Tezuka: Dear Oblivion

2019. 9.4 -9.18

Photo: Shintaro Yamanaka (Qsyum!)

While exploring the language of painting Tezuka came to focus on textiles, and her work that employs a unique method of deconstructing and reconstructing textiles has been highly acclaimed both domestically and overseas. In recent years, she has been based in Berlin.

This is Tezuka’s first solo exhibition in 12 years at Spiral Garden since her last solo show “Thin Film, Underground Forest” in 2007. This exhibition showcases four new pieces that emerged from her extensive investigation into the relationships between Japan and Western Europe, Art and Crafts, Modern and Contemporary, and the past and the present, as well as their encounters and bifurcations.

A Study of Necessity (Satsuma-Buttons and Self-Orientalism) deals with Satsuma buttons, which were exported from Japan to Western Europe in the late Edo period so as to satisfy the growing demand for Japanese products. Rewoven in Kyoto reintroduces a tablecloth woven in the Meiji period to the present. Dear Oblivion (A study of Empress Haruko) was inspired by a court dress worn by Empress Haruko who is known to be the first empress to have publically worn Western clothes as a symbolic gesture. And Flowery Obscurity (The Night Watch) references Rembrandt's The Night Watch and Indian “Sarasa” textiles.

All her new works have been produced in collaboration with the Kyoto Costume Institute (KCI), Kawashima Selkon Textiles, Kyoritsu Women's University Museum, and Textile Lab at Textile Museum in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Tezuka examines Modern art and Modernity itself, posing questions both cleverly and elegantly. By using a technique that can be viewed as both ‘craft-like’ and ‘decorative,’ she challenges prevailing notions in the realm of art, where a hierarchy still exists. In this exhibition, Tezuka’s new trajectory is on display.

*This exhibition has been sponsored by the Tokyu Foundation and intends to show the outcome of the Goto Memorial Cultural Award for Emerging Artists.

A Study of Necessity (Satsuma-Buttons and Self-Orientalism), work in progress

Rewoven in Kyoto, After 100 years, Photo:Kawashima Selkon Textiles

Dear Oblivion (A study of Empress Haruko) - detail Photo © Lepkowski Studios, Berlin

Flowery Obscurity (The Night Watch), Photo © Lepkowski Studios, Berlin Photo © Lepkowski Studios, Berlin

■ Profile
Aiko Tezuka
Born in 1976 in Tokyo, Aiko Tezuka graduated from Musashino Art University with an MA and the Kyoto City University of Arts with a PhD in oil painting. In 2010, after receiving the Goto Commemorative Cultural Award for Emerging Artists, she moved to the UK. Subsequent to that, she relocated to Germany as a recipient of the Emerging Artists Overseas Training Award granted by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Since 1997, she has produced artworks that unravel woven fabric. While referencing and appropriating historically significant objects, artifacts and works of art, she reconfigures the fabric of things by devising a unique method. Currently, she lives and works in Berlin.
Her recent exhibitions were held at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Fukuoka Art Museum, The National Art Center Tokyo, Hyōgo Prefectural Museum of Art, Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Textile Museum (Tilburg, the Netherlands), Johann Jacobs Museum (Zürich, Switzerland), National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Seoul, South Korea), Turner Contemporary (Margate, UK), Museum für Asiatische Kunst (Berlin, Germany), and Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe (Hamburg, Germany).

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Opening Reception
3 September 2019, 7pm-9pm
Spiral Garden (Spiral 1F)

Artist Talk
8 September 2019, 3pm-4pm
Spiral Garden (Spiral 1F)

■General Information

Aiko Tezuka: Dear Oblivion 
Wednesday, September 4 – Wednesday, September 18, 2019, 11am – 8pm
Spiral Garden (Spiral 1F)
Admission Free

Organized by the Tokyu Foundation
Co-organized by Wacoal Art Center
Planned by Spiral
Supervised by Sachiko Shoji (Curator of Fukuoka City Art Museum)
In cooperation with Kawashima Selkon Textiles Co., Ltd., the Kyoto Costume Institute (KCI), Kyoritsu Women's University Museum, Tamami Suoh (KCI), Textile Lab at Textile Museum (Tilburg, the Netherlands), Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, Iwao Nagasaki (Professor in the Faculty of Home Economics at Kyoritsu Women's University & Director of Kyoritsu Women's University Museum), Galerie Michael Janssen, Berlin.
Special cooperation with Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherland

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Aiko Tezuka: Dear Oblivion
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