IIDA KASATEN 15th Anniversary Exhibition “Kazasu” Special Menu

Discover a unique menu inspired by the drawings of IIDA KASATEN creator!

IIDA KASATEN chose Spiral to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the brand. As a satellite to the exhibition in Spiral Garden, Spiral Café has created a special menu inspired by drawings from IIDA KASATEN creator Yoshihisa Iida. 

IIDA KASATEN Napolitan pasta ¥1,380(tax included)
The Napolitan sauce was made with ketchup from tomatoes grown in an organic farm, surrounded by abundant nature, in Fukuoka. With this dish, we invite you to enjoy the rich and delicious taste of sun drenched tomatoes.

Limited time offer : 8 (tue) - 13 (sun), September 2020    11:00ー20:00
*At lunch time a salad and a drink are included in the price

                          Coffee Float each ¥880(with tax)
The melon soda and the coffee float seems as if they have jumped out of the sketch. In Japan, a Melon soda is a very nostalgic drink and evokes happy memories of childhood however Spiral Café chef has imagined an original recipe which taste can please adults with fresh mint and lime. The traditional coffee float was also arranged with the rich taste of rum and a French non-alcoholic syrup that you can pour, as you please, in your coffee.

Limited time offer : 8 (tue) - 13 (sun), September 2020    11:00ー20:00

■ Profile
Yoshihisa Iida is the director of the handmade, personalized umbrella store IIDA KASATEN. The brand does not possess a store and travel around the country to present its unique items through ordering events. In addition to umbrellas, IIDA KASATEN also produces clothes, textile accessories and paper products. Currently, Yoshihisa Iida is engaged in a wide range of activities related to umbrellas, such as the production of umbrellas for movies and theaters and collaborations with other industries.


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