Summer specials

by Spiral Café
Salad Lunch(with HASAMI plates)

This season, Spiral Cafe chef has imagines healthy sets to refresh your lunch time with cold pasta, seasonal vegetables salad plates, original dressing and Japanese traditional summer sweet “KAKI GORI”.

Today's lunch salad
Salad plate+Homemade bread +Drink  ¥1,120(with tax)

※ The photos are just an image.
※ The salad ingredients and the dressing are subject to change. 
※ HASAMI plate series items are used for your lunch salad. HASAMI plate items are available at Spiral Market and Spiral Online Store.

Summer special cold pasta
Served with cold tomato sauce, small shrimps and avocado+Drink  ¥1,120(with tax)


Recommended sweet “KAKI-GORI”
In 2020, we serve two kinds of KAKI GORI ( a Japanese dessert made from shaved ice flavored )

Fresh Peach & Vanilla ice cream “KAKI-GORI” with mint

Tropical fruits tea & coconut ice cream “KAKI-GORI” with fruits 

¥690 each(with tax)
Drink set: any complementary drink order will give you a ¥200 discount on your check.

German white pizza!Flammekueche 

Recommended with a beer
*German white pizza!Flammekueche 
¥1,380(with tax)※from 17:00〜

The pizza bread is not covered with tomato sauce but cream cheese, easy to eat, its sour taste will go perfectly with your bear.


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