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Color your day with Spiral Café’s Summer classic "Kakigori (shaved ice)" which will be served on the gently tinted and soft textured plates of glass artist yagiasako.  

Imagined in collaboration with yagiasako, this year, Spiral Café's shaved ice was turned into an icy parfait.  Two types have been imagined for the occasion, the "Peach Kakigori" with white peach and Wasanbon sweet and the "Milk tea Kakigori" using black tea leaves of Royal Milk Tea, our most popular tea.


yagiasako glassworks exhibition
Time limited menu "crème glacée" 

Date:9(fri) July - 12(thu) August 2021 
Menu proposed at the following hours:15:00-20:00(L.O.19:00)on week days,  11:00-20:00(L.O.19:00)on week-ends and National Holidays. 
Venue:Spiral Café(Spiral 1F)
Menu:   Peach Kakigori  ¥1,380(tax included)
       Milk tea Kakigori   ¥1,380(tax included)
Herb tea drink set : Kakigori served with a cup of today's Herb tea (hot or ice)  ¥1,680(tax included)
※ Due to the limited quantity, we may end early the service of this Time limited menu.
※ Business hours may change due to special events.

Peach Kakigori
1,380(tax included)/ 1,680(tax included)*with Herb Tea drink set 
This fruity and gently sweet desert is composed of an original raw syrup, white peaches and Wasanbon. It is accented with peach compote jelly, raspberry sauce, yogurt ice cream and a twisted stick pie.
Milk tea Kakigori
1,380(tax included)/ 1,680(tax included)*with Herb Tea drink set 
Based on Spiral Café ice Royal Milk tea, one of our most popular drinks, this Kakigori uses black tea leaves. It is served with honey dipped citrus and vanilla ice cream that enhances the flavor of black tea and accented with a crispy almond tile.


(*photo by izumi iwai)


【Related event】

「+S」Spiral Market MARUNOUCHI presents yagiasako's creations in a pop-up event. Click on the here for more information.

Creators Table vol.132 yagiasako glassworks exhibition "crème glacée"
Date:5(mon) July - 1(sun) August  11:00-20:00
Venue:「+S」Spiral Market MARUNOUCHI
*Spiral Online Store also sells yagiasako's items. (shipment in Japan only, website in Japanese)



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