music in the food!

"I want to enjoy everyday meals. I want to listen to good music."
February 2020
"I want to enjoy everyday meals. I want to listen to good music."

From 9 o'clock to 11 o'clock in the evening during dinner time, DJ's, music-related people, and creators produce various kinds of music inside CAY.
* Dinner time is different from DJ play hours.
Mon-Fri 18:00-24:00/Sat, Sun, & Holidays until 23:00

On days with the mark, you can make a restaurant reservation on the WEB.
Ror reservation ,click here

※No smoking since January 6, 2020.

February 2020

  1(Sat)Private party
  2(sun)as usual ★
  3(mon)Private party   ※Lunch until15:00
  4(tue)as usual ★<DJ MACROMANCE>
  5(wed)as usual ​​​​​​​★<DJ Yumi-cco>
  6(thu)as usual ​​​​​​​★<DJ Keita Takagi>
  7(fri)as usual ​​​​​​​★<DJ
Billy Kitamura
  8(sat)as usual ​​​​​​​★
  9(sun)as usual ​​​​​​​★
10(mon)as usual ​​​​​​​★
11(tue)Private Event
12(wed)as usual ​​​​​​​★<DJ Masanori Itabashi>
13(thu)as usual ​​​​​​​★<DJ KAZ>
14(fri)as usual ​​​​​​​★<DJ Yajima Toshi>
15(sat)as usual ​​​​​​​★
16(sun)as usual ​​​​​​​★
17(mon)as usual ​​​​​​​★
18(tue)as usual ​​​​​​​★<DJ Yusuke Akiba、TOMITA>
19(wed)as usual ​​​​​​​★
20(thu)as usual ​​​​​​​★<DJ NOZOMI TAKAGI & more>

21(fri)as usual ​​​​​​​★<DJ Hiroshi Nagai、Harsoul>
22(sat)Big Romantic Jazz Festival 2020
23(sun)Private party   ※Lunch until15:00
24(mon)True Colors Festival Evene 『Be yourself.』 
    ※Normally open for postponement.

25(tue)as usual ​​​​​​​★
26(wed)as usual ​​​​​​​★
27(thu)as usual ​​​​​​​★
28(fri)as usual ​​​​​​​★<DJ Kei Tomihisa>
29(sat)as usual ​​​​​​​★
※Depending on the reservation status, the DJ schedule may be changed.


5-6-23 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062 MAP
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