Gifts from Finland

MINA-TO Art Wall
2019.12.24 - 2020.1.22

Finland and Japan have many things in common such as the way of cherishing nature and designs and the national character. The both countries celebrated their 100th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations in 2019. This year, in commemoration of the development of friendly relations between the peoples of the two countries, various cultural exchanges have been held on an unprecedented scale, and their strong ties have been reconfirmed. At the end of the year that marked this 100th anniversary, MINATO introduces artistic design products which can easily be put to everyday use and are perfect for gifts under the title Gifts from Finland. Please enjoy fresh gifts born of the nature of Finland.

■ 開催概要

MINA-TO Art Wall
Gifts from Finland

Date:2019.12.24(tue) -1.22(wed) 11:00-20:00
SPIRAL will be closed from Monday, December 30th to Sunday, January 5th.
Shop:MINA-TO(Spiral 1F)


■ プロフィール
Inni Pärnänen
Inni Pärnänen is a Helsinki based artist and designer, MA. She is primarily known in the field of jewellery, but has widened her practice through prestigious opportunities also into other realms of design and art. Three-dimensionality and a strong emphasis on structure are characteristic of her work. Her works can be found in many publications and private and public collections. In 2017 she was granted with a 5 years artist grant from the Finnish Government.
Eri Shimatsuka
Eri Shimatsuka is a textile designer born in Tokyo currently based in Helsinki. Summer home stay in Finland at the age of 13 inspired her and returned to Finland later. After having worked as an English teacher in Tokyo and Osaka, she moved to Finland in 2007.While studying textile art at Aalto University, Helsinki and she started to work as a designer at Art Work Studio, Marimekko in 2011. Besides print design, she also does writing, coordinating and translating wishing that her work will bring small happiness to people's everyday life.
Marianne Huotari
Marianne Huotari (born 1986) is known as the artist for her ceramic wall rugs and as the designer of STUDIO smoo, her own creative studio based in Helsinki, Finland. With an extraordinary attention to detail and exquisite sense of colour, Marianne creates versatile works of art and designs textiles for everyday use as the Art Director of the Finnish textile brand Finarte. At the core of her artistic work is an appreciation for traditions and values – she often draws inspiration from her Finnish roots in order to create unique interpretation of these traditions for the modern world. Marianne’s work radiates a down-to-earth attitude with a delicate and easily approachable touch. Currently Marianne is working at the historical Arabia Art Department Society alongside Finland's leading ceramic artists.
For centuries, the resin from the Finnish Spruce has been used to treat various skin ailments and wounds. This natural spruce resin forms an antibacterial film on the wound that expedites the healing process. PIHQA Spruce Balm uses this spruce resin in a special formula that honors a recipe created over 100 years ago. The spruce resin protects the skin and lets it recur naturally. Not meant for long term use.
Raami is our new dining collection designed by Jasper Morrison, launched in the beginning of 2019. Raami – Finnish for ‘frame’ – gives space for the shared, lasting moments. The carefully composed pieces of the collection work together to encourage good atmosphere around the table, from morning to evening. Each item in the Raami collection is an individual; perfect on its own, yet a meaningful part of the entity. Like a family, or a group of friends, each member brings their own characteristics to the table.


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