IIDA KASATEN 15th Anniversary Exhibition “Kazasu”

2020.9.8 - 13

IIDA KASATEN 15th Anniversary Exhibition “Kazasu”

In celebration of its 15th anniversary, IIDA KASATEN organizes an exhibition at Spiral Garden. Since its establishment, IIDA KASATEN has been making umbrellas with a focus on hand working.

The Chinese character for "umbrella(傘)" has a lot of "people(人)" in it, it represents the many craftsmen included in the making process. Indeed, all parts of an umbrella, from textile to bones and handles require the skills of individuals all over Japan.

This time, to color Spiral Garden venue, more than a 100 umbrellas will be displayed in an installation. In addition, will be introduced the manufacturing process from various angles such as textile design inputs, the back side of parts production, videos depicting the work in an atelier and more. On your visit to Spiral, please take a look at the history of IIDA KASATEN, which has been searching to extend possibilities of the small world of umbrellas.

■ About

IIDA KASATEN 15th Anniversary Exhibition “Kazasu” 

Date:8 (tue) - 13 (sun), September 2020   11:00~20:00
Admission Free
Venue:Spiral Garden(Spiral 1F)
5-6-23, Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo(Tokyo Metro Omotesando station B1・B3 exit)

For any inquiry: info@iida-kasaten.jp

*Depending on the sanitary situation the business hours might be modified. Please check the business hours notification page, before your visit, to confirm the venue is open.

Organized by:IIDA KASATEN
Planned by:heso
Venue setup by:square4
Venue offered by:Wacoal Art Center
Sponsored by:PIE International 

■ Profile
Yoshihisa Iida is the director of the handmade, personalized umbrella store IIDA KASATEN. The brand does not possess a store and travel around the country to present its unique items through ordering events. In addition to umbrellas, IIDA KASATEN also produces cloth, textile accessories and paper products. Currently, Yoshihisa Iida is engaged in a wide range of activities related to umbrellas, such as the production of umbrellas for movies and theaters and collaborations with other industries. He is the author of “IIDA KASATEN’s Design" (PIE International / 2014).
Instagram: iidakasaten
■ Events and line up
Order Event
You will be able to order an original umbrella or sunshade by IIDA KASATEN. For this occasion, more than a 100 kind of textiles have been extracted from the brand’s archive. Create your original umbrella or sunshade by picking up your favorite textile, handle, determine the size and personalize with your name .
*Some parts are limited in quantity.
*Delivery scheduled for spring 2021.
A commemorative booklet depicting IIDA KASATEN, since its founding in 2005, has been produced. This book contains the words and the photos of craftsmen and people who have supported IIDA KASATEN until now.
Pop-up Shop
8 (tue) September - 4 (sun) October 11:00 - 19:00
At Spiral Market, discover a wide selection of IIDA KASATEN items such as pouches and handkerchiefs using the umbrellas’ fabric and paper items such as letter sets and calendars. Original drawings will also be on display.
※ Umbrellas will not be on sale at Spiral Market
※ Some items will also be available on Spiral Online Store
Pop-up Shop
Anniversary Goods
To celebrate its 15th anniversary, IIDA KASATEN has prepared sets of textile falls and mini bags. Each is different form the other so pick the one you like most.
(Quantity of items limited, this offer is valid until there is no more stock. )
Special menu and original nail design
During the exhibition period, special projects will be held in various locations inside Spiral building, at Spiral Café and Nail Salon "Naila”.
Special Menu
IIDA KASATEN wants you to use its umbrellas for a long time... rather it is repairs that can be effected on site or needing more time to be fixed and returned, IIDA KASATEN staff will repair your umbrella.
※ Only IIDA KASATEN umbrellas can be repaired.
※ There may be a charge depending on the repair content.


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