Asae Soya Exhibition "tokotoko fuwari"

2022.03.24 - 04.04
fuwari (2022)

This Spring, the world full of colors and light of Asae Soya, will bring a unique sense of color to Spiral!

Asae Soya is a contemporary artist who creates works full of colors and light that gently envelop the viewers. Her activities cover a wide range of genres, including not only paintings but also installations and public art in which color and space resonate with each other.
This time, newly produced works such as works inspired by weeds that have grown in the vacant city spaces due to the corona virus pandemic, as well as works from watercolors and pastels, to oil paintings and a new installation work that make use of Spiral’s light-filled glass surfaces, will be introduced as a journey into the various activities of Asae Soya.
In addition, this exhibition will showcase, for the first time, some drawings at the source of Soya's creative ideas.
Enjoy a world of light and colors and the casual sceneries of everyday life, from weeds and a washbasin filled with water to the effects of natural light into a room, interpreted by the hands of Asae Soya.

■ About

Asae Soya Exhibition 
tokotoko fuwari

Date:24 (thu) March - 4 (mon) April 2022   11:00 - 20:00
Venue:Spiral Garden(Spiral 1F)
Admission Free

Organizer : Asae Soya Exhibition Executive Committee
Curator : Sachiko Namba
Exhibition design : Toshihiro Banba (abanba)

Venue cooperated by : Wacoal Art Center
With the special sponsorship of : FREEing Co., Ltd.
Sponsored by : Kaneka Corporation
Supported by : Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Nomura Foundation, Ogasawara Toshiaki Memorial Foundation
In cooperation with : Kyoshin Printing Co., Ltd., Nakagawa Chemical Inc., Nishimura Gallery
Under the patronage of : Culture and Tourism Bureau, City of Yokohama

Washbowl (2021)
Washbowl (2021)
sora (2021)
Bloom (2020)
Shower (2022)
Spring burst (2021)
Topia (2021)
Chords (2019-2021)
鳴る色 (2017) 市原湖畔美術館
■ Satellite events / Selected items

During Asae Soya Exhibition "tokotoko fuwari", a collaboration menu will be served and various items will be on sale. 


Spiral Café x Asae Soya Exhibition "tokotoko fuwari" | Original Blend Tea "Spring Bloom"
Enjoy eating and drinking while looking at the exhibition space at Spiral Café, we propose an original blended tea inspired by the world of flowers and vivid light drawn by Asae Soya. A drink that is pleasing to the eye, with a focus on the gorgeous and fragrant mallow blue, marigold, hibiscus, and rose hips. Served with a cookie with edible flowers.

Date:24 (thu) March − 4 (mon) April, 2022 11:00−20:00
Price:1,280 (tax included) *available everyday in limited quantity.
Venue:Spiral Café (Spiral 1F)
URL : https://www.spiral.co.jp/topics/spiral-cafe/soya
Artist Goods
At the venue, we are planning to sell Asae Soya's work collection "Sorairo", postcards, acrylic cube "niji・iro" and other artist goods.
Document Book
To commemorate Asae Soya exhibition "Tokotoko Fuwari", a document book will be on sale at the exhibition venue from 24 (thu) March, 2022. This catalog contains images of the exhibited works, commentary on each exhibition section by Asae Soya, essay by the exhibition curator Sachiko Namba based on the interviews with the artist, and text by Spiral senior curator Tsutomu Okada. Enjoy it while visiting the venue !

Asae Soya Exhibition "kotokoto fuwari" Document Book
On sale from: 24(thu) March, 2022
Design: so+ba
■ Profile


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