A young artists group show with “1GB" set as a common language

Discover 1GB a group exhibition by young artists!

A “GB” (gigabyte), is a unit representing the capacity of data. It has become a pregnant term in our lives. 

For this event, “1GB" is set as a common language to unify artistic expressions. In the digital age, 1GB is a very small capacity, so small that it can be an inconvenient to the creation. This frame gave psychological and physical restrictions to theses artists who had to challenge themselves and condense their expression. We hope this 2 days only event will give you an opportunity to rethink your quantitative and qualitative values.

While many exhibitions are put online, this limited time event is a chance to reconnect with the reality of physicality and to discover the experimentations of young artists who capture the world from their own spectrum and raise problematics to shape tomorrow's world.

■ About


Date:12 (sat)- 13 (sun), September 2020 11:00-20:00 
Venue:Spiral Hall(Spiral 3F)
Admission fee:¥500 (Free for students *The presentation of the student card is required)

※Tickets on sale on Peatix https://spiral1gb.peatix.com/(Advance reservation required, date and time designation system)

Organized by:Wacoal Art Center
Planned by:Spiral

*Admissions may be restricted
*Some of the art works exhibited and related items will be available for sale.
We do not accept cash. Payment accepted are as follow :
Credit card、ICcard、Quick pay、ID、Rakuten Pay

■ Measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19

*Depending on the sanitary situation the business hours might be modified. Please check the business hours notification page, before your visit, to confirm the venue is open.

※ The following measures will be taken to prevent any risks : 

- The number of visitors is limited to 50 per hour.

-Advance reservations are required. Check in will be done without contact, by using the QR code of your reservation on Peatix. (Please show a paper or your device screen with your QR code at the reception desk)

- Art works and related items will be sold cashless. 

- Before being admitted to the venue, all visitors will be subject to temperature measurement and will be invited to disinfect their hands with alcohol.

- Acrylic shields will be installed at the reception desk and the register.

- Cleaning staff regularly patrol to disinfect the facility.

- The staff will also be wearing a mask, have their temperature controlled and the venue will be thoroughly ventilated.

■ Trouble Agency


Trouble Agency” is a collection of 5 individual animation artists who collaborate remotely from various locations in Asia, USA and Europe. TOCHKA, Xinxin Liu, Kaoru Furuko and Takashi Uchida create collaboration works using their individual tastes in storytelling, animation skill sets and expressions. The animation techniques vary between 3D, stop-motion, cut-out, light drawings and paintings. As a collective but also as individuals, they ask feedback from each other for creative stimulation and seek for chemistry to happen, as well as aim to enhance their skills and ideas by bringing them into new technology and expand into something that only a joint force can achieve together.



Ryoma Itagaki
Ai Ozaki
Ryo Kawasaki
Wataru Koyama
Eri Saito
Seiko Hihara
Yuma Yanagisawa


5-6-23 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062 MAP
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