Invisible cinema Sea, See, She – To whom I Have Yet to See


What kind of story did mankind have before sharing words?

Since ancient times, people have played music and danced together to create a community story.

In 2020, a “cinema” is born that evokes the perception of human being and draws stories from sounds.

By listening to the rich sound that overflows, this movie invites the audience to the space and time in the woods and the deep sea, creating countless stories in each imaginary landscape.

Sound artist, evala challenges this unprecedented project. In 2016, a project named “See by Your Ears” was launched, extending the possibilities of sound across fields, from music, art, urban planning, movies and to the world.

This time, evala created a “sound movie” of a sound artist, unparalleled in the world, with the theme of “invisible cinema”. It is an attempt to create a new movie experience of “watching a movie in the dark”, and at the same time, presenting a leading-edge example of updating a conventional cinema with evala's unique sound composing skill making full use of a stereophonic sound system.

In addition to the documentary film “Tower of the Sun”, capturing Taro Okamoto,  the film director Mitsutoshi Sekine, who has gained a great reputation in the philosophical visual world, resonated with the world of evala's work and participated in this project. The collaboration of the two is the first time since they created "TRANSPHERE", a short film released for the largest “IMAX Laser® / GT Technology” theater in Japan.

The long-awaited world premiere will be held for three days from January 24th (Friday) to 26th (Sunday), 2020, after a pre-performance held at Spiral Hall, Tokyo in August this year. It should be a revolutionary experience that causes a stir in the modern society where the visual floods.

Term: 2020.1.24 (Fri) - 1.26 (Sun)
Duration: Approximately 70 minutes, 6 times shows per day.

A ticket valid for one time only.









The venue opens 20 minutes before each show.



¥3,100 for an adult including tax for purchase in advance.

¥3,600 for an adult including tax for purchase on the day of the show.


Tickets on sale from November 20th, 2019


Venue: Spiral Hall (Spiral 3F)   MAP 


Contact: info@seebyyourears.jp

■ Artist Profile

evala(See by Your Ears)



evala(See by Your Ears)
Born in 1976, Kyoto, lives in Tokyo, Japan. A musitian and a sound artist. He presents cutting-edge electronic music works both in Japan and overseas. Starting in 2016, “See by Your Ears”, a project that creates a new hearing experience using the 3D sound system as a new instrument. He constructs a phenomenon in which sound behaves like a living creature and presents “spatial composition” as a new musical technique. Representative works include “Fox with big ears”' (Sonar + D, Barcelona 2017) “Our Muse”' (ACC, Gwangju Korea 2018) and 576ch sound installation using Sony's 3D sound technology Sonic Surf VR “Acoustic Vessel Odyssey” (SXSW, Austin 2018). He is engaged in various sound productions using cutting-edge technologies for the stage, movies and public spaces. In the fall of 2019, he presented his work with Akio Suzuki, “Audience Scenery” exhibition of sound set in the Japanese garden of Marugame City, Kagawa Prefecture.


5-6-23 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062 MAP
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