NSK Future Forum 4

A discussion on the relative nature of motion―Even the largest-scale motion can seem invisible depending on your perspective.

A discussion on the relative nature of motionEven the largest-scale motion can seem invisible depending on your perspective.

The word “motion” does not express something definitive or constant. It is quite subjective, depending on our vantage point and where we place our “axis.” For example: Can anyone actually feel the movement of the earth we stand on as it rotates at a speed of 1700 km per hour? The same applies to the difference in how humans sense motion in comparison to other living creatures. Even the motion of things that appear to be moving speedily may also seem still and unseen when we change our perspective. Capturing movement from differing points of view may give us a new awareness of the scale of diversity we live in.
In this year’s “SENSE OF MOTION: NSK Future Forum,” we will engage motion from different angles to explore differences in perception arising from circumstance.

NSK VISION 2026 Project SENSE OF MOTION—Future Forum 4

December 7th, 2019 / 15:00-18:45 (Doors open: 14:15)

Admission: Free (advanced reservation required)
Venue: Spiral Hall (Spiral 3F)
5-6-23, Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Omotesando Station (Ginza-line, Chiyoda-line, Hanzomon-line) B1, B3 Exit
website: http://senseofmotion.net/forum/
Inquiries: nsk_futureforum@spiral.co.jp

Please make reservation on the Peatix .

Keynote Presentation
Mariko Hasegawa
President, SOKENDAI ( The Graduate University for Advanced Studies )
Ph.D. Graduation from The University of Tokyo, School of Science, and obtained Ph.D. degree in Anthropology from Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo. Worked at the Tanzania Wildlife Service and the Laboratory of Anthropology, Department of Biological Science, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo. She taught as an associate professor and professor at Senshu University, and as an associate professor at the Department of Anthropology at Yale University and as a professor at the School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University, became a professor at SOKENDAI in 2006, in 2007 dean of Department of Evolutionary Studies of Biosystems at SOKENDAI, in 2011 then dean of School of Advanced Sciences, became Executive Director at SOKENDAI in 2014. From April in 2017, became President of SOKENDAI. Her specialty is Human behavioral ecology and Evolutionary psychology. She has studied behavior of wild chimpanzee, fallow deer, soay and peafowl. Recently she is conducting research on human evolution significance of human adolescence. She is the President of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society of Japan from 2008, and she received the Hidaka Award from the Japan Ethological Society in 2012.
Tada-nori Goto
Exploration Geophysist
Tada-nori Goto was born in Osaka. He graduated from Faculty of Science, and Graduate School of Science, Kobe University. He received a Ph.D degree from Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University. After working at the University of Tokyo, Aichi University of Education, JAMSTEC, and Kyoto University, he is a professor in Graduate School of Life Science, University of Hyogo. His research interest is in geophysical exploration and geoelectromagnetism. For illuminating the underground and sub-seafloor world not by visible light but by electric current, he have developed his own exploration technologies, then conducted surveys of sub-seafloor active faults and resources, groundwater explorations, and archaeological prospections. He wrote several books: "Lecture of Sea", "Science of Underground", and "Great Deformation of Japan Island". He constantly update various topics of the ocean and the earth together with offshore survey reports in his blog.
Mari Kuroki
Assistant Professor, Department of Aquatic Bioscience, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo. The current main topics are migration and life history strategies of diadromous fishes such as eels, ayu, and salmon. Special emphasis has been on biological and ecological perspectives. Main publications are ”Eels on the Move” (Tokai University Press) and "Eels and Humans” (Springer).
Hiroshi Takahashi
WOW inc. representative. Grew up surrounded by traditional crafts and antique art in a swordsmith family that goes back generations to the 1700s. Established a company in Sendai in 1997, then expanded to Tokyo in 2000, London in 2007, and San Francisco in 2018. In addition to producing films, he is the publisher for visual book "WOW Visual Design" and art book "WOW10." In 2015, he collaborated with Marc Newson to produce a Japanese sword called "aikuchi." He is working to promote Japanese tradition and beauty in the present day.
Masao Morita
Independent Scholar, Masao Morita (b.1985) is known for his public lectures and writings on several topics mostly related to mathematics. His first book "Embodied Mathematics" (not available in English yet) received the Kobayashi Hideyo Prize. Masao is also well known for his "Maths Concerts" held in many places both within and outside Japan.
Haruka Misawa
Misawa was born in Gunma Prefecture in 1982. After graduating from the Interior Design Course of Musashino Art University and working at the design office nendo, she joined Hara Design Institute at Nippon Design Center in 2009. She founded Misawa Design Institute in 2014.
Misawa Design Institute use an experimental approach, attempting to observe the principles behind things and visualize the unknown possibilities to be found there.
Her major projects include waterscape, which redesigned an underwater environment into new aquatic landscapes, the Sange Project, which investigated paper shapes that fly, Paper Verb, which was exhibited at takeo paper show 2018 “precision,” UENO PLANET, which visualized the unknown charms of Ueno Zoo, and visual identity for KITTE and TOKYO BIG SIGHT, projects notable for exploring logo versatility. She is the author of waterscape, published by X-Knowledge in 2018.
Dominique Chen
Associate Professor, School of Culture, Media and Society, Waseda University
Born in 1981. Ph.d. (Information Studies) Associate Professor at Waseda University. After working as researcher and curator at NTT InterCommunication Center (ICC), became director of NPO Commonsphere (Creative Commons Japan) and co-founded Dividual. Is a certified Super Creator in the MITOU program (Exploratory IT Human Resources Project). Served as a net navigator for NHK News Web during the fourth quarter (from April 2015 to March 2016). Juror for Good Design Award 2016 and director of the award's Topical Issue "Technology and Information" category. Among books he has written are "Denno no religio (Cyborg's religio) published by NTT Publishing, "Intaneto o seimeika suru purokuronizumu no shiso to jissen (Giving life to the Internet - the philosophy and application of prochronism) published by Seidosha, "Furi karucha wo tsukurutame no gaido buku kurieiteibu komonzu niyoru sozono junkan(Guidebook to creating a free culture; the circle of creativity born from Creative Commons)" published by Film Art. Has translated among others, "The Technological Singularity" by Murray Shanahan published by NTT Publishing.
Michihiko Yanai
Creative Director, Special Advisor to the President, Tokyo University of the Arts, Professor of Design, Faculty of Fine Arts
Michihiko Yanai, creative director; born 1964, prefecture of Fukushima.
- Creative director, Fukushima prefectural government.
- Director, Shibuya Radio (FM 87.6MHz)
- Publisher and editor-in-chief of monthly paper KAZE & ROCK since 2005.
- Guitarist for rock band “Inawashirokos”
Joined Hakuhōdō After graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Design. Working independently since 2003, founded KAZE & ROCK program and monthly magazine. Has led several advertising campaigns; better known for a number of avant-garde projects, such as Tower Records’ “NO MUSIC, NO LIFE,” Recruit’s “ZEXY,” Suntory’s “Horoyoi,” Tokyo Metro, PARCO, among others. Achievements in television include MC of NHK’s “Top Runner,” and NHK E-TV’s “Fukushima wo zutto miteiru TV;” while activities in radio work include TOKYO FM’s “KAZE & ROCK,” Radio Fukushima’s “KAZE & ROCK CARAVAN Fukushima,” and regular personality appearances on assorted programs. His rock band participated in the 2011 NHK “Kōhaku Uta Gassen.”

Organized by NSK Ltd.
Producer Nobuko Shimuta
Planned and Produced by Spiral / Wacoal Art Center
Art Direction by Atsuki Kikuchi


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