《Reservation Method 》

Please inform us of the following information regarding an art work you want to purchase to spiralartlounge@spiral.co.jp. Our responsible staff will get back to you.
・Title of Art Work
・Name of Artist
・Degree of Your Interest
(Purchasing Immediately/ Considering Purchase/ Needing Details)
・Your Name
・Your Country of Residence
・Your Contact (e-mail/telephone)

《Purchase Procedure 》

We will send you an order sheet after providing you with the details of your art work. Please send back to us a completed order sheet with your signature on it. Your reservation is completed when we have confirmed its contents.

《Payment Method 》

Please pay the price of your art work into a bank account after receiving a billing statement that we will send you on or after the immediately following day of your order.

《Shipping/Delivery of Art Work 》

Upon the confirmation of your payment, we will ship or deliver by hand your art work to the address to be designated by you. You shall bear the shipping fee and/or any other actual costs including transportation ones relating to the delivery.


《Points to be Noted in Purchasing/Cancellation Policy 》

▶Indemnification Regarding Condition of Art Work
Some of the art works traded via our website have survived through the ages, not necessarily being in a perfect condition. Our responsible staff will give you the detailed condition of your art work. Some of our art works may be directly delivered to you from abroad. Accordingly, please understand that once your purchase procedure has been completed, we will never accept the cancellation of a purchase agreement with you for any reasons including the condition of your work and/or its frame except the following cases where:
(1) any damage to your art work has undoubtedly been found that was not identified in our prior explanation; or
(2) any damage caused during the transportation of your work has been found.

▶Other Matters on Request of Cancellation
Please understand in advance that we will not accept the return or replacement of your art work at your convenience nor the return of your art work which has been damaged (cuts, defacements, etc.) from your act. Your request of cancellation at the reservation stage will be accepted unless you have not made a payment by then.

We will never accept your request of cancellation once your art work has been delivered. In case of any damage caused during the delivery, defect and/or confusion in your art work, please contact us within one (1) week after its delivery. After the status confirmation, we will take necessary measures swiftly. (* The additional shipment costs shall be borne by us.)

Regarding the price that has been already paid in the return of your art work, if such return is due to a damage or wrong delivery, we will refund the price after separately discussing with you how to do it.

▶Failure in Payment
Our company shall have a right to cancel the purchase agreement in case that you have failed to pay the price for your art work by its payment due date.

▶License to Deal with Secondhand Articles
Spiral has obtained a license to deal with secondhand articles under Secondhand Articles Dealers Act.
Secondhand Dealer License Number: 301120808282


===【Contact 】===

Spiral/Wacoal Art Center
5-6-23, Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku
Tokyo (Japan) 〒107-0062
Spiral Art Lounge staff

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