Instagram AR Effect Project

vol.3 Lu Yang

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For the third edition of the Instagram AR effect* project, Spiral have collaborated with the up-and-coming contemporary artist Lu Yang who creates an intense visual world using expressions such as animation and games while focusing on the topics of science and religion. On one of Lu Yang's video piece appears a device called "Super DBS Crown" that controls the brain by directly stimulating it . The AR effect depicts Lu Yang’s “Super DBC Crown"  to get users to convey the feeling of "anger" or “peace”, just like the characters appearing in Lu’s art work.

With this AR effect, discover a new facial expression with an outstanding impact, as if your brain was controlled by the machine.

For this project, the AR filter design work has been handled by Play Project AR / T Group**, Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University.


*AR Effect
Augmented reality (AR) effects are computer-generated effects layered over the real-life image your camera displays. In Instagram Stories, an AR filter alters the image your front or back camera displays.
**Play Project AR / T Group, Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University:
Play Project AR/T Group is researching new art experiences using AR with the assumption that by bringing art into the AR space, anyone can easily own art. The team aims for a future in which Art, that until now is only viewed by a limited number of people and certain categories of population, will turn into something that anyone can enjoy and feel closer from them and their lives.


■ Profile
Lu Yang
Lu Yang (b. Shanghai, China) is a multi-media artist based in Shanghai. Mortality, androgyny, hysteria, existentialism and spiritual neurology feed Lu’s jarring and at times morbid fantasies. Also taking inspiration and resources from Anime, gaming and Sci-fi subcultures, Lu explores his fantasies through mediums including 3D animation, immersive video game installation, holographic, live performances, virtual reality, and computer programming. Lu Yang has held exhibitions in UCCA (Beijing), MWoods (Beijing), Cc Foundation (Shanghai), Spiral (Tokyo), Fukuoka Museum of Asian Art (Fukuoka, Japan), Societe (Berlin), MOCA Cleveland (Cleveland, Ohio) and participated in several international biennials and triennials such as 2012 & 2018 Shanghai Biennial, 2018 Athens Biennale, 2016 Liverpool Biennial, 2016 International Digital Art Biennale (Montreal), China Pavilion, the 56th Venice Biennale, and 2014 Fukuoka Triennial. In 2019, Lu became the 8th BMW Art Journey winner and started Lu Yang Digital Reincarnation project.
■ Instagram AR Effect Project

※Please access from your smartphone

Vol.1 tanaka macoto《kirie_tanakamacoto》
A curly beard, a bird coming out of your hat and a pretty smoke out of your mouth, creating a strange yet cute expression that seems like out of one of tanaka macoto's paper-cutting piece.
Vol.2 Makoto Egashira《Suit_MakotoEgashira》
Makoto Egashira's AR effect, “Suit_MakotoEgashira”, allows you to enter in a simulated environment and to experience being, in one of his pieces : “Suit”, where the entire group of characters is wrapped in rose print blankets.
Vol.2 Makoto Egashira《RoseBlanket_Selfie》
Makoto Egashira's AR effect,《RoseBlanket_Selfie》 is inspired by the 3 most popular face effects on social networks: the butterfly, the diamond and the dog face. For the occasion, they are interpreted by the artist with a rococo-style flower pattern which texture is reminding of a blanket.


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