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Spiral Instagram AR Effect《sainounoki_SICF22》
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Spiral new AR effect《sainounoki_SICF22》plays with the main visual of SICF22 (the 22 Spiral Independent Creators Festival), that will take place from September 18th to 26th. During the festival, on top of《sainounoki_SICF22》, discover in different places at Spiral, AR effect spots. SICF iconic motif such as the eye or the apple will be given an animated life within Spiral venue. 


*AR Effect
Augmented reality (AR) effects are computer-generated effects layered over the real-life image your camera displays. In Instagram Stories, an AR filter alters the image your front or back camera displays.

Graphic design by : Kaneda Ryouhei (YES Inc.)
AR design by : Yasutaka Fukuda (FUKUPOLY.INC / dep Management)

■ AR Effects


*Experience this AR effect with SICF22 flyer in your hands.

*If you scan the cake pick of「SICF Special Dessert Assortment」at Spiral Café you will see this AR effect. 

*During SICF22, scan the marker at Spiral Market and Spiral Hall to see this AR effect. 


■ Special campaign
To celebrate the creation of SICF22 MARKET section, 3 participants will be given a ¥3,000 shopping voucher that can be used at Spiral Market (Spiral 2F).
〈How to participate?
① Follow Spiral official instagram account @spiral_jp (if you already follow us you may also participate)
② Tag Spiral official account and post photos and videos you have taken with SICF's AR effect to your Instagram Stories

*All AR effects listed are eligible.
Campaign duration : 11 (sat) - 26 (sun) September 2021
We will inform the winners with a direct message on Instagram.
■ SICF22

Spiral aspires to discover, foster, and support emerging artists and designers through its festival SICF. The 22 Spiral Independant Creators Festival will take place from September 18th to September 26th 2021.

In the EXHIBITION section,  100 creators will present their pieces, from sculptures and installation, to media art, photography or painting. The new section MARKET will be host to 55 creators in the fields of design, crafts, fashion, textile or accessories. They will exhibit and sell creations that will enrich your life.

At the end of the festival, a series of prizes is announced, including the Judges’ Awards, Semi-Grand Prize, and Grand Prize as well as the Audience Award, which is selected by visitors. The Grand Prize winners receive the opportunity to exhibit their work at Spiral in a solo exhibition of a one week duration. 

This year also, Spiral Independent Creators Festival has selected creators presenting works that are not bound by existing genres.


More information about the exhibitors and their works can be found on SICF website here.

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