The challenge of an International co-production in the “Corona era" between Israel and Japan

――Three days after the lockdown was removed, it was clear to everyone that no one was going to leave the house ...


Spiral official YOUTUBE channel has released a gem of an art movie that concentrates the feeling of being lost and self-restraint in the unknown of a lockdown situation.

「Outside」is the first collaboration of its kind between the two renowned Israeli artists - choreographer Inbal Pinto and author Etgar Keret. The two came together to work on a short film that is an Israeli-Japanese production filmed both in Israel and in Japan (Spiral). Starring and featuring first-rate actors, musicians and dancers from both countries such as dancer Moran Muller, actor and dancer Mirai Moriyama and musician Umitaro Abe.

Based on OUTSIDE a short story by Etgar Keret written during the Corona lockdown in Tel Aviv and first published in The New York Times (July 15th  2020) and in the Asahi Shimbun in Japan , the aim was to explore a new method of creation within the new boundaries created by the international pandemic of CORONA virus that the world has recently experienced. The objective is to introduce to international audience a fresh, artistic and social perspective on the impacts of the pandemic on society and individuals.

Photo by: Noam Levinger
Japan pre-release :  22(wed) July - 31(mon) August, 2020

Spiral YOUTUBE channel :
Sainokuni Saitama Arts Theater : 

Original story and direction: Etgar Keret 「OUTSIDE」
Choreography and direction: Inbal Pinto
Narration, actor, dancer: Mirai Moriyama
Dancer: Moran Muller
Music: Umitaro Abe
Translation: Takafumi Akimoto
Organized by: Embassy of Israel, Tokyo
Sponsored by: Factory 54
Supported by: Mishkenot Sha'ananim, Dalia and the late Professor Yossi Prashker, Kawade Shobo Shinsha Publishers
In cooperation with: Saitama Art Theater
Venue provided by: Spiral / Wacoal Art Center
Special thanks to: ZAZ10TS, Herzlia Museum, Israeli Opera
■ Profile
Inbal Pinto
Inbal Pinto, choreographer, director, set and costume designer, was born in Israel. She established the Inbal Pinto Dance Company in 1992, and was the artistic director until 2018.
During these years she presented many dance works including Dio-Can, Wrapped, Oyster, Fugue and many others which were successfully received in Israel and abroad. In 2002 she began collaborating with Avshalom Pollak, and aside from creating many dance works, they have choreographed, directed and designed the opera Armide (Gluck) in Wiesbaden and The Cunning Little Vixen (Janacek) in Bregen. Together they created the musicals “the cat who lived a million times” and “Rashomon” in Japan. Pinto received many awards including the prestigious Bessie Award in New York and the Landau Pais Lottery Award for her work in the world of dance. In 2019, she directed and designed a musical play based on Haruki Murakami’s “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle” in Tokyo.
Etgar Keret
Born in 1967, an Israeli author known for short story, filmmaker and film director. His parents are Holocaust survivors from Poland. He began writing novels after his best friend committed suicide during his compulsory military service. His works are currently translated in more than 40 countries. Known for short shorts, graphic novels, screenplays in movies and TV. In Japan, " Suddenly, a Knock on the Door", " The Seven Good years" (essay), " Kneller's Happy Campers", " A Glitch at the Edge of the Galaxy", and "Pizzeria Kamikaze" (graphic novel) were translated. "OUTSIDE" is a short story written by Kellet during the lockdown period in Tel Aviv, Israel.
photo by Maciej Landsberg
Mirai Moriyama
Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1984. From the age of five, he learned various dance styles, and at the age of fifteen, he was a stage performer. Since then, he has been active as an artist who is not bound by categories such as dance, theater, and video. In 2013, he perfomed in the musical "A Cat Lives 1 million times", which was choreographed and directed by Inbal Pinto, with this collaboration, he stayed in Israel for a year as a cultural envoy of the Agency for Cultural Affairs (Bunkacho), based in the Inbal Punt & Avshallom Pollak Dance Company, he has been working in European countries as well. After that experience, he has remain an artist who is closely related to Israel and collaborate in different projects, such as "WALLFLOWER" (MOT) and "JUDAS, CHRIST WITH SOY" based on the novel of Osamu Dazai with Ella Rothschild. The movie "Underdog" will be released on November 27th.
photo by Takeshi Miyamoto
Umitaro Abe
Born in 1978. Umitaro Abe is a Japanese composer and multi-instrumentalist. His songs, but also concerts, album productions, and other unique musical expressions are highly regarded worldwide. Abe worked as composer on the music for the musical piece ‘The Cat That Lived a Million Times’, and the Opera "Rashomon" directed by Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak (in collaboration with Rocket Matsu).
He has been working tirelessly in a wide range of fields such as theatre, film, TV drama and collaboration with various creators. His main work includes theme song of NHK’s popular art program "Sunday Museum", WOWOW "Invitation from W seat" or the movie "Penguin Highway".
photo by Takashi Homma
Moran Muller
Moran was born in New Jersey in 1989, and moved to Israel at the age of 5.
She started her training at the “dance village kibbutz Ga’aton” untill she graduated.
2009-2010 she was in the “maslool for professional dancers” of Neomi Perlov and Ofir Dagan.
2011 she joined “ensemble sigma” of Michael Miller.
2012-2014 she worked and performed with the choreographer Nadav Zelner, and did several projects in Suzzan Dallal.
2014-2018 she joined the “Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak” dance company.
These days Moran is dancing and preforming with “Sol” dance company of Eyal Dadon, and freelancing with Inbal Pinto and several more projects.


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