10:00’s recipe──Carbonara Risotto with spring vegetables

A recipe to enjoy the taste of the season SPRING
Date of publication 2020.05.13
Illustration by: Goro

Using seasonal ingredients, the chefs of Spiral restaurants introduce delicious recipes that you can easily make at home.

10:00’s recipe──Carbonara Risotto with spring vegetables
In Spring there are so many new vegetables available at your local shops that you might end up buying a lot. Fully enjoy your spring vegetables with this risotto imbued with the vegetables flavors.

■ Carbonara Risotto with spring vegetables
Ingredients(for 2 to 3 persons)
2-3 bowls of cold cooked rice
2 slices of bacon
Spring vegetables of your likes(ex: 2 Asparagus、6 Snap peas、50g of Spiral cabbages)
200cc Milk
100cc Fresh cream *or milk if you do not have cream
2 soup spoons of cheese
1/2 Garlic
1 teaspoon of Chicken consomme
2 eggs
1 teaspoon of Olive oil
Salt and paper
1. Boil lightly the Spring vegetables in water with a pinch of salt, raise in a colender.

2. Fry the bacon in a fry pan with garlic and a teaspoon of olive oil, low heat until the bacon get brown.

3. Add milk, fresh cream and cold rice and heat at low temperature.

4. After adding a little salt, turn off the heat and add the beaten egg and cheese and mix thoroughly.

5. Serve the risotto on a slightly rimmed plate and add the boiled spring vegetables.

6. Add pepper and cheese.
Cooking spring vegetables
In order to cook Spring vegetables without loosing their refreshing flavors, start by boiling the thick ones first, and boil them in a same pot, one type at a time. Boil only a short time because even out of water, the heat will continue to cook the vegetable.
You can enjoy the original rich earthy scent and bittersweetness of wild vegetables if you remove the lye formed at the surface of the boiling water.
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10:00’s recipe──Carbonara Risotto with spring vegetables
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