NSK Future Forum 6

Innovation of consciousness - Change yourself and your surroundings
2021.11.19 -

"NSK Future Forum" has been held since 2016 by NSK, a bearing manufacturer. It is a platform that supports, nurtures, and connects thinkers and innovators striving to create the future. The forum is about interweaving ideas through discussion with pioneers in different fields as a step toward opening the door to a future of genuine prosperity for all.
The 6th edition of  “NSK Future Forum” will discuss the "innovation of consciousness” and "how to change ourselves and our surroundings" to bring about new movements (innovations) and create better social and organizational cycles. The forum will be transmitted on Youtube. 

Watch :  https://senseofmotion.net



NSK VISION 2026 Project
SENSE OF MOTION ーFuture Form 6

Innovation of consciousness - Change yourself and your surroundings

Streaming schedule:Available on Youtube from November 19 (fri) 15:00〜  
※The first part of the forum will only be available until December 3rd (fri)

Fee:Free of charge(no application required)

Streaming platform:https://senseofmotion.net/

■ Participants

Susumu Hara(Professor at School of Global Studies and Collaboration at Aoyama Gakuin University, Coach of the track and field distance running block in the Aoyama Gakuin University Athletics Dept.)
Nobuko Shimuta(SENSE OF MOTION Producer)
Akitoshi Ichii(President and CEO of NSK Ltd.)
Eisuke Tachikawa(NOSIGNER Representative,JIDA President, Evolution Thinking Inventor, Design strategist​​​​​​​)
Nobuko Nakano (Brain Scientist​)
Ai Hasegawa(Artist)
Shinya Ominami​​​​​​​(Green Valley Inc, Board member)
Ami Miura(ima Ltd. President and CEO, Shiphon Ltd. President​​​​​​​)
Takayuki Shiose(Associate Professor, the Kyoto University Museum​​​​​​​)
Seiichi Saitou(Panoramatiks Chairman​​​​​​​)


Part 1
What does it mean to "change" your mind and "exceed" yourself?
Interview:Susumu Hara×Nobuko Shimuta
Discussion:Susumu Hara×Akitoshi Ichii×Nobuko Shimuta

Part 2
How to see the Society from a new perspective?
Presentation:Eisuke Tachikawa

Talk:Nobuko Nakano×Ai Hasegawa

Part 3
How to change reality?
Discussion:Shinya Ominami×Ami Miura×Takayuki Shiose

Moderator:Seiichi Saitou

Inquiries:03-3498-1171 (Spiral)

Organized by NSK
Produced by Nobuko Shimuta
Planned by Spiral / Wacoal Art Center
Art Direction by Atsuki Kikuchi


5-6-23 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062 MAP
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