How to make a delicious highball? vol. 1

【Classic Version】
Date of publication : 2020.04.30

The season to enjoy delicious cold drinks has begun.
Here are some tips to making this authentic drink at home.

What to prepare ?

Whisky(the kind you like)

Ice cubes
Club soda

Tumbler glass

Muddler(or a long spoon)

How to prepare ?

1. Put ice cubes in the tumbler glass.

2. Put about 30ml of whisky on the ice cubes.

3. Stir with the muddler. 

*Gently stir until the ice cubes cool and water drips appear on the glass.

4. Pour slowly the soda in the glass (70 to 80% of the glass) taking care not to touch the ice cubes.

* The gas will escape if you the soda is in contact with ice cubes, so it is important to pour it through the gap between the glass and the ice cubes.

5. Slowly stir about 4 to 5 times to end the preparation !

How to make a delicious highball?【Classic Version】
By: Restaurant Lounge Uncle Hat(Spiral 8F)
Enjoy authentic French cuisine at Restaurant Lounge Uncle Hat.

Illustration by: Goro


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