How to make a delicious highball? vol. 2

【Special Version】
Date of publication : 2020.05.05
Illustration by: Goro

The season to enjoy delicious cold drinks has begun. Here are some tips to making this authentic drink at home.

What to prepare ?

Whisky(the kind you like)

Ice cubes

Club soda

Tumbler glass

Muddler(or a long spoon)

How to prepare ?

1.Put the ice cubes for 2 hours in the refrigerator.
* This will make the ice cubes more difficult to melt.

2. Cool the whisky in the freezer for 2 hours.
* It will make the whisky more refreshing.

3. Put the ice cubes in the tumbler.
* Too few amount of ice cubes make the drink not as refreshing as it could be.

4. Put the whisky on the ice cubes.
* Use about 30ml of whisky, the point is to make it a little lighter than usual.

5. Add club soda to fill 70% of the glass.
* It is important to pour it through the gap between the glass and ice.

6. Stir the whole. Insert the muddler slowly to the bottom of the glass and slowly rotate it 1 to 2 turns while lifting the ice cubes.
* By lifting and turning the ice cubes, the whisky rises to the surface, the ice sinks and carbonic acid boosts the flavor of the whisky.

7. End of the preparation
* By not using too much whisky, you can enjoy the original sweetness of the whisky and sent the flavor of the barrel.

■ Make your highball even more special

Cut a lemon or any other citrus fruit, scrub it around the glass mouth before putting the ice, you will get a special highball with a pleasant scent of citrus.
Also changing the shape changes the way the scent is transmitted, try using a wine glass for exemple.

How to make a delicious highball? 【Special Version】
By:Restaurant Lounge Uncle Hat(Spiral 8F)
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