How to make a delicious highball? vol. 3

【Arranged Version】
Date of publication: 2020.05.05
Illustration by: Goro

The season to enjoy delicious cold drinks has begun.
Here are some tips to making this authentic drink at home.

What to prepare ?

Whisky (the kind you like)

Ice cubes

Mint leaves (or Shiso leaves)
Citrus carbonated drink
Tumbler glass
Muddler(or a long spoon)

How to prepare ?

1.Insert the mint leaves in the tumbler glass. 

2.Pour an appropriate amount of whisky (about 45 ml), crush the mint leaves and put about 4 pieces of ice in a glass.
* If you can't crush the mint leaves, tear the mint leaves and put them in a glass.

3.Gently pour the citrus carbonated drink from the side of the glass and stir lightly.
We recommend orange flavor carbonated drinks.

4. End of the preparation

How to make a delicious highball? 【Special Version】
By:Restaurant Lounge Uncle Hat(Spiral 8F)
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