16:00’s recipe──Steamed spring vegetables and pork loin

A recipe to enjoy the taste of the season SPRING
Date of publication: 2020.05.07
Illustration by: Goro

Using seasonal ingredients, the chefs of Spiral restaurants introduce delicious recipes that you can easily make at home .

16:00’s recipe──Steamed spring vegetables and pork loin
A dish you'll want to enjoy with wine on a holiday evening.
The delicious soup exuded from steamed vegetables and pork can also be a light, main dish.

■ Steamed spring vegetables and pork loin
Ingredients(for 2 to 3 persons)
100g×2 pieces of pork loin(1cm thick)
1/4 Spring cabbage
2 Eggplants
3 Paprika
1 Tomato
2~3 pieces of garlic(chopped)
20〜30cc olive oil
1. Put olive oil in a fry pan and medium heat the pork, with salt and paper. At this timing, the meat doesn't have to be cooked fully.

2. Reserve the pork in a plate.
Add the chopped garlic in the fry pan from which the pork has been removed and add all the vegetables when the garlic gets colored.

3. Put back the pork on the vegetables, cover with a lid, and steam at low heat for 5 to 10 minutes. Avoid adding water at low heat, steam with the water that came out from the vegetables.

4. When the pork is cooked, take it out and cut it into one-bite sized pieces.

5. Serve steamed vegetables on a deep dish, put the cut pork on top, and add the vegetables soup left on the frying pan, above all.

Add black pepper if you would like to increase the fragrance.
If you would like, please add salt.
Serving with bread and wine
We recommend you to accompany this dish with bread.

For the wine, we recommend a red wine you can find at your super market such as a Beaujolais, or a Gamay as it has a subtile berry flavor.
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16:00s recipe──Steamed spring vegetables and pork loin
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